Globe is Clean in Videos on YouTube

The next time you want to see the breasts of the actress Guilhermina Guinle (or buttocks actor Thiago Fragoso, who knows), recently served during the novel Astro, can no longer resort to YouTube. Our beloved video site, a true repository of Brazilian television memory, has partnered with the globe to promote the removal of property videos of Rio station.

According to Alberto Pereira Jr., a columnist for Folha de São Paulo, there is something close to a task force to prevent videos from Astro appear on YouTube. When this content is located, the order is take it off the air. “Copyright”, you know.

To detect third-party content, YouTube has developed a powerful technology called ContentID. Each image and each audio formally recorded by content companies – record companies, television stations, producing movies etc. – receive a unique ID. When the user sends a material, it is analyzed in search of this identification to avoid the misuse of picture and audio.

Apart from Astro, the Folha reports that the novel nine Foolish Heart also has its videos removed from YouTube. The idea is that more programs issuing the grid leaving the YouTube over time.

Commenting on the issue, the Globe says thus argues the copyright on their productions. Even because the network owns, which offers a own video platform – pity that some content is closed to subscribers, I might add, but they have to earn money.