Gold – One of the World’s Most Valuable Precious Metals

Find everything worth knowing about the commodity gold

Gold is a chemical element and has the symbol au (from “Aurum”,) Latin for gold. The precious metal gold (from the Indo-European word Barott: shiny, yellow) is one of the first metals processed by people and is used for jewelry for many millennia. About 85% of today’s gold production are processed in the jewelry sector.

It is a particularly soft raw material that gaining hardness by alloys with Platinum, copper, or silver. Long time gold was regarded as the main currency (in the form of gold coins). Worldwide, there are over 19,000 locations for gold. Annually, over 2600 tons of gold are promoted. The global gold corresponds to a cube with edge length of almost 20 metres approximately. The ocean is the largest gold reserve. Gold is one of the dehnbarsten precious metals and particularly resistant, it can be solved only in chlorine – and aqua regia. There are several types of gold mining, the simplest form is the panning for gold.

The price of gold is determined on the open market. The dollar exchange rate, the price of oil and the behavior of market participants with large gold reserves (including central banks and gold mines owner) are important factors. Especially lately, the gold price has increased, which makes very interesting gold as investment.
The purity of gold is given in carats. Called by Feingold in pure gold 24 carats, which corresponds to 999.9 thousandth. 18 k gold has a pure gold content of 75% (= “750”), is equivalent to “585” 14 Karat, “375” corresponds to 9 Carat and “333” is equivalent to 8 carats.
The starter collection in 14-kara gold jewellery are offered in the HEALTHVV. As color alloys the most common offered gold-coloured: yellow gold, white gold and Rosé gold.