Goodbye Touchwiz, Hello Samsung Experience: Samsung Rename Its Interface in The Latest Beta of Nougat

We talked about earlier innovations that reach the S7 duo with the update to Android 7.0 Nougat that Samsung is preparing. The company initiated a program of public betas a few weeks ago and they have already launched several versions. The third beta is now available for the S7 and, in addition to the classic ‘bug fixes’ and other improvements, it contains an unexpected change.

The visual layer that Samsung puts on Android is well known. We talked about Samsung TouchWiz, that interface so characteristic to that on more than one occasion it has been criticized for being very intrusive and come loaded with bloatware. Nevertheless, Samsung TouchWiz is unmistakable hallmark of Samsung, but now We are going to have to get used to call it by its new name: Samsung Experience.

Long life to TouchWiz

As I said, Samsung TouchWiz has become in the House on devices Samsung brand. The South Korean company has been integrating this layer in its range of smartphones from 2008, although its design has changed a lot since then.

TouchWiz has evolved from the hand of Android, refine your design and adding functions and such features as S Health, the translator Translator S own apps or the tools of the Galaxy Note.

The interface of Samsung continues to evolve with the update to Android 7.0 Nougat, but in addition to refine your look and brand new developments such as new settings menu or the shade of notifications, Samsung TouchWiz also changes its name.

The screenshot, courtesy of Android Central, displays the menu of information of software of the Samsung Galaxy S7 after installing the third Android 7.0 beta Nougat. In the interface section we see that TouchWiz has disappeared to make way for the new name: Samsung Experience or is 8.

It’s a change in the nomenclature that does not represent a turnaround in performance, as we have already seen in the catch of this version previously released. Yet, it continues to be a major change when it comes from an interface like TouchWiz which, whether we like it or not, It is one of the most used in the Android universe.