Google+ App for iOS Lets Owners of iPads and iPods Out

It’s been almost a month that Google + was announced and less than a week that opened to everyone. Along with the social network, Google also released a native app for Android and a mobile version for those less fortunate owners of mobile phones with other mobile platforms, and ensure that a version for iOS was already in the hands of Apple. Today the apple giant released such a program and showed that Google is not too keen on letting everyone in.

While the application is compatible with the three latest versions of the iPhone, it can not be installed on any iPod Touch or iPad model. And like choosing which devices will be compatible with the application is its developer, Apple is not at fault in the office this time. It was Google that did so, for some reason not yet known.

Despite this setback, the application appears to be somewhat better than its version for Android in some respects, as the level of detail that is displayed in each circle and comments preview live posts on the user’s stream. Other than that, it is the same interface already used in its version for the Google system.

The application is free and can be downloaded through this link only on iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G. If you have one, run to envy to their owners friends of iPods and iPads.