Google Assistant Is Open to Developers So That You Can Maintain Conversations with Your Apps

Google Assistant has been one of the great novelties presented by Google this year. The evolution of Google Now is an Assistant with voice much more intelligent and interactive, allowing us to have a conversation with our devices. However, in addition to that for the moment It is exclusive to the Google Pixel and Google Home, its features are somewhat limited.

This will change soon now that Google has finally opened his assistant to the development community with Actions on Google, that will allow developers to create commands so they work with other applications. The first device to take advantage of these innovations will be Google Home.

A more capable Assistant

In October, Google already let us see a small preview of what Actions on Google would be able to do. In your example we saw as we could ask a car through über simply with the help of our voice, and all with a very fluid and conversational style.

There is more usage scenarios like that you see in the image along these lines. Google has created several examples and already provides all the necessary tools so that the developers can start to create their own voice commands for Google Assistant, so it the wizard will be more and more intelligent as you go getting support for more apps.

The downside is that for the moment only will be available for Google Home, the response of the company to Amazon Echo and his assistant Alexa that we can control our home and device ecosystem.

As it could not be otherwise, the support for third party commands also to reach the Google Pixel and other services such as Google Allo messaging app. In addition, Google wants to extend options to shopping and booking services.

For the moment, both the Google Pixel and Google Home are available in a few regions, and neither Spain nor any other country of Latin America is among them. We will have to wait to take advantage of these new.