Google Corrected Failure of The Protection of The Factory Reset on Their Nexus with The January Patch

This week we saw that the protection of anti-theft factory or protection reset Android Lollipop premiered was not infallible. You could skip this protection in the latest devices from LG, Samsung and Google through the technique known as Bypass.

The technique of the Bypass It consists of escape from the Setup Wizard by performing certain actions that lead to applications that bypass that protection of security, with what someone outside could finally set our device with a new account, something that wants to avoid this security measure to avoid that a thief can use our device.

With each manufacturer actions to make the Bypass are different, although the device Google Nexus will no longer work this technique. Google corrected the anti-theft protection fault with the security fix of January that a few days ago began arriving to their Nexus.

Google reports the patch of this solution is not posted in AOSP source code that update is contained in the latest binaries available Nexus devices drivers from the web developer Google.

The curious thing about this issue is that you published the Bypass technique to bypass the protection of the Nexus just days since Google launched the security fix from January correcting it, with which already it does not affect the updated Nexus.