Google Has a List of The Most Lazy Manufacturers to Update Android, and Maybe Make It Public

Google ideas you are running you already to combat one of the greatest evils lurking in your beloved operating system: updates than ever they reach the vast majority of their devices. Month after month, the adoption of Marshmallow are desperate (the last is 7.5%).

The problem is not so much that millions of users are left without the latest features more cool Android as Now on Tap, but the security problems derivatives that many manufacturers do not can even commit to release monthly security update.

According to a Bloomberg report, Google is testing new ideas to encourage manufacturers to put the batteries in terms of system updates. Earlier this year, the manufacturers would have received a list with a ranking of manufacturers who take more and less to update their mobile, with the idea of perhaps making it more public later.

The list of the best and the worst

This list would include the best manufacturers taking into account the security patches and the versions of the operating system, and would default to shame to those manufacturers who are not mentioned. Similarly, those with a good score could use it as a point in his favor to capture more sales.

For now do not know if the report is a thing that is going to continue generating periodically or If Google will finally launch to the public list, We’d love to. The idea of a score standardized system updates would help users to decide which phone to buy both know the technical specifications of the mobile.

At the moment Google is thinking about what. Would be too evil to make the list public? No doubt it would create some tension in relations with the manufacturers leaving bad standing in it, although on the other hand when the fine words have not worked, perhaps reached the time harder.

Bad updates give bad name to Android

We already know that Google celebrates again the diversity of Android through its slogan “Be together, not the same”, but this same philosophy is more than one, and two and three, headaches.

Following the metaphor one of most famous ads last year, Monotune Android, Android is an 88-key piano and iPhone is one where all the keys are the same. Sounds great and the music is great, but if you need to change something on the piano you must 88 manufacturers to convince instead of a single.

If you can not all manufacturers do what they say and to agree to tune the piano, at the end the result will be quite strident. The same thing happens to Android: manufacturers who leave its users stranded and exposed to security threats known and published corrected, give bad publicity to Android, and with good reason.

The solution is difficult

The public list or not, should persuade the manufacturers of the importance of the after-sales service, although hardly be solved a problem that lies in wait for Android from its origins: the fragmentation of the operating system.

For now, Google have you tried partially offset the negative effects of fragmentation with initiatives such as the separation of the system of security updates, updates of Google Play Services and the ever more frequent distribution of applications in Google Play, instead of including them in the system ROM and leave them forever.

In any case, with so many layers of means: Google, manufacturer, variants of each country and region, telephone companies… the real solution probably does not arrive until completely restructuring the Android system. Even though ridicule to those who are left behind, something should fail in the architecture of an operating system that requires many steps to upgrade. Meanwhile, pointing the finger.