Google Introduces Trust Score, The Automatic Unlock Multi-Pattern for Android

The last day of Google I/O 2016 left a little surprise that had escaped us but which can change one of the behaviors more assimilated so far in the use of mobile, the identification and unlock system. When the footprint finally is was imposing as the fastest system thanks to its diffusion by all types of terminals, despite its weaknesses, in Mountain View already have a system faster and more agile, as it is automatic.

Your project Abacus project has evolved into something tangible called Trust Score, an identification system by accumulation of various biometric factors, behaviour and position. And developers will be able to implement it This same 2016 thanks to the Trust API.

What was Project Abacus?

The basic concept has not changed. Abacus Project base is maintained as Anna Martí presented him a year ago in Engadget Mobile:

“The idea is to collect information from the user about his behavior: habits of movement, speed of click, what apps use more, as well as resources such as voice or facial recognition biometric authentication when the terminal allows it.” The combination of this information is that will allow the system to build a more secure user identification system and discern whether or not he is the owner.”

Trust Score monitors in the background

However, in Google you have already found what to do with all that data. Trust Score is a scoring system constructed from those parameters that allows the operating system in general, or to any application specific check if the user who has the phone in their hands is really the owner or someone authorized. In this case it will give access and permissions without entering any password. Going picking them through the smartphone sensors constantly operating in the background.

An of the difference between Trust Score and other systems of release in two steps or use patterns of behavior, such as the old Look Smart for Android 5.0 Lollipop, is the agility that provides the score. When measuring multiple parameters, the new procedure It allows the developer points must mark a user to access this app, so access to banking can be more demanding than a music player, but everything is created from the same API.

In case of not reaching the minimum value marked with measurements of voice, visual scanner, behaviour at the keyboard, position, etc, the application or the operating system will be to ask for a traditional release mechanism.

Trust API in 2016

About the dates, Google told that financial institutions are going to be the first to access this technology, starting from this month of June. The rest of the developers will have to wait until the end of the year to start studying the values of Trust Score and apply it to their creations.

Once again, the agility and security in the use of mobile devices is paid increasingly intimate and unique personal data. In this case concrete, giving Google and its community of developers the control total of our movements in a who’s who in that they always have to win so that everything functions correctly.