Google+ is Even More Integrated with Search Results

You’ve probably seen links shared on Google + appearing in search results on Google. They appear when Google thinks some contact your shared a site related to the term you are looking for, which can be both useful or completely irrelevant (had experience with both). Today Google announced the further integration of social network, which means that even more of these links should appear.

According to the post on the official Google blog, the results page will get even more personal and integrated to your circles and their contacts. In them will be shown not only shared links as well as photos from Picasa and Google+ posts itself.

Another thing that changes is the search for people. In this type of research the public profiles of users on Google+ will also be found more easily and still have the option to add them straight from the page. Also, search for a specific term that is widely discussed in a Google+ page, for example, will cause it to be displayed in the results as well.

Below is a video presentation of news.

(Video on YouTube)

As I said before, I have had results with questionable relevance, so I had to resort to an anonymous tab in the browser to find what they want more easily. The difference is that now you no longer need it: Google also created a button (located in the upper right) that allows this more personal search is disabled. But it seems, it will be enabled by default for anyone logged on Google+.

This new (and frighteningly invasive) new in Google search is available for now only in English version.