Google Launches Its New Online Shop, with Free Shipping and Discount The Nexus 6 to € 599

Google It is gambling very strongly in the sale of devices order to compete face to face against Apple, and to show that they are everywhere just present in society new Chromebook Pixel, the renewal of your notebook with Chrome OS, and launch a new online shop.

Google Store It is called the new online store in which Google will sell its devices. Now available in Spain and other countries, and we see in his debut as the shipping charges are free and as the Nexus 6 It has suffered a reduction in price of €50, passing cost now 599 euros for 649 euros for the 64 GB and 32 GB version.

In Spain is the same devices that had Google Play, i.e. 6 Nexus, Nexus 9, Chromecast, bike 360, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live & accessories for sale. Google Play devices section now links to Google Store.

Another important change is that Google It has withdrawn the Nexus 5 sale. Already months ago that there was no stock, but now we know that there will be more, that it is no longer for sale, must be mobile search in other stores. It is rumored that in May will announce his successor, the Nexus 5 (2015).

Finally, Google has also confirmed that from now on all new devices that launch to the market will have the new connector USB-C, the new standard that already enjoy the new Chromebook Pixel and the new Apple MacBook.