Google Nexus 7 Audio

Many of you know already the Nexus 7, the new tablet with 7 ″ made possible by the partnership between Google and Asus that caused even the unbelievably low price: $200 to take home a little gem of technology with the latest version of Android that is Jelly Bean.

But what has changed compared to the past! The first version of Android that appears to have relied heavily on lowering latency audio thanks to a new software mixer and other API improvements; specifically on the Nexus we have already seen a reduction in latency from 100ms to 5ms on Nexus 7 drops to 10ms, which is more than acceptable to play a virtual instrument in real time. Also add the audio devices support USB, multichannel audio via HDMI, recording functions and much more.

Those who wish to learn what’s new on Jelly Bean regarding audio can read the interesting article about nexus 10 by Liuxers (in English).

Unfortunately you only have to update our old phones to Android 4.1 to obtain the same latency reduction, will be only new devices that will exploit the new operating system features and Google seems to want to impose strict hardware requirements for next-generation products to ensure new products in terms of performance introduced with Jelly Bean. That’s one of the possible solutions related to fragmentation of Android devices?

On balance and returning to the main topic of this article, it seems that the Nexus 7 can really be the first Android tablet to offer a viable alternative to iOS and theiPad. Although the platform built by the Cupertino company offers many advantages such as MIDI support, ahardware ecosystem decidedly mature and a more profitable App Store for developers, as it has been for smartphones, it is likely that with the next generation of Android developers will begin to create standards and music apps “series” in Android, thus introducing an economical alternative and certainly more flexible to the Apple world.

We’ll see … definitely the Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean promise very well for the future of applications for musicians on the Android platform.