Google Releases New Updates to Calendar and Snapseed for Android

Android and Google Apps are constantly changing and not a day goes by without receiving new updates. Today, Google updates Apps Calendar and Snapseed.

If you use Google Apps For Work or Edu, you can plan your meeting from anywhere and in a short time by using “Find a time”, a new feature that will be implemented on Calendar.

“Find a Time” help plan a meeting by checking the availability of each participant, although there are different time zones, and proposing the best dates and times to secure it. The app will also allow you to reprogram it, taking into account their commitments. Of course, this function can be used only by those who share the calendar with each other and then especially in the working environment.

The schedules will not occur automatically, the final choice will always be the user. In order to try the new version of the Calendar will have to wait a few more days. Different speech for iPhone and Web for which, however, it was not fixed a date.

Upgrading Snapseed will bring several improvements to the application. These included the implementation of the “negative” in detail, style selectors that flow automatically to the next element, improvement of the histogram and fix various bugs.

Snapseed on Android, also will offer controls for Talk Back optimized, and on iOS will support right-to-left scrolling screens.

For this update we will have to wait a few days because it is made available for everyone.

We leave you the direct links to download Google Calendar and Snapseed, so you can just find out at!