Google Reveals the Beauty Products That Are Trend in 2017

Among the highlights are the greatest demand for face masks, natural ingredients and bath bombs

Time was that Google served only to fulfill our curiosities. Today, the search engine is able to identify the major trends in the world – in case of population health to fashion news. On Thursday (23), the American company released a report pointing everything that promises to 2017 in the question failing beauty.

The document is impressive: over 78 pages, the report identifies trends in skin care in the United States, in France and in Japan. “The goal is to help marketers, researchers, developers, and beauty experts understand your global audience and the main searches” say Olivier Zimmer and Yarden Horwitz, leaders of the projects area of Google trends.

To make the report, the team of Zimmer and raised his largest research Horwitz category of beauty and accompanied, every month, the volume with which they were made between September 2014 and September 2016. “First, we removed any seasonal effect, and then measure, year by year, the speed and acceleration of growth of each search”, count. Based on these metrics, they were able to identify patterns and point out the major trends for this year.

Below, check out some of the main highlights of the document:

Search in High

In The United States:

  • Epsom Salt (used during bathing to, among other things, reduce inflammation, muscle function and improve nutrient absorption);
  • Bath bombs;
  • Coal face mask.

In France:

  • Organic coconut oil;
  • Marseille SOAP (neutral SOAP for use on the body and wash clothes);
  • Dusting mask carnations.

In Japan:

  • To clean the skin cosmetics (in General);
  • Enzyme facial SOAP;
  • Hot cleansing (cleaning cosmetics that warm skin contact).

Search down

In The United States:

  • Olive oil for skin;
  • Almond oil for skin;
  • Skin Whitening.

In France:

  • BB Cream;
  • Uses of lemon for skin;
  • Stupid milk SOAP.

In Japan:

  • Towel makeup remover;
  • Facial fat (like the double chin);
  • Tofu cream.


They are one of the major trends to 2017 in the three markets analysed, according to the report. Facial masks to treat acne are leading the search, but also highlights the anti-ageing versions and to end with carnations and oils.

In Japan, the demand for masks showed peculiar: Japanese want products for legs, cuticles, hands and heels. “The growth of masks for the body may be an indication that this trend will soon take off also in the United States and in France,” examines the report.


The research by masks also grew in the most famous video site on the internet. The biggest interest is to know the sensations caused by the application of these products, the real effects of them on the skin and the experience of using them.

Natural Care

One of the most remarkable behaviors, according to the Google document, is the search for ingredients and natural products. In the United States, the search for vegan skin cosmetics increased 83% in recent years. Among the French, this trend is also growing, but not at the same speed as in the land of Uncle Sam. In Japan, still doesn’t show this interest.


She is one of the ingredients in that people have “given a Google”. The main searches are by mask versions against acne, blackheads and oils. The mineral is also wanted to recover, heal and make skin detox.

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The Explosion of Bath Bombs

Those effervescent balls are at the top of searches related to bath in the United States and in France. Among the Americans, the product has been growing since the end of 2015; already among the French, it was only in the second half of 2016 the bombs have gained prominence.

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