Google Voice Expands Outside the US, But Does Not Say Where

In March this year the Google Voice began to appear for some Brazilian users, something that sagacious readers TB noted and we believe it is a temporary failure, which was confirmed by Google Brazil. Still, some of them were able to make calls for the service before it is turned off, since by default it gives 10 cents to new users. Now Google has finally decided to expand the service beyond American borders.

As the incident in March, the only Google Voice component being activated internationally is the ability to make calls to phone numbers, either fixed or mobile. So do not expect that you can send SMS messages or set up a number for call forwarding and voicemail, at least for now.

There is only one but in today’s announcement : Google says it is expanding the service to 38 languages ​​, will be able to call numbers in 150 locations and has to accept credit purchase in 4 currencies different (American and Canadian dollar, euro and sterling ).But at no time did he say in which countries exactly the service will start functioning.

The only word of the company is that Google Voice will be available outside the US, the Gmail and your account is in one of 38 languages, you will see a green call icon in the field of chat in Gmail. This is equivalent to saying that you will only be able to have lunch today like one of the 38 dishes served, and Google even say what the dishes. Okay, I stretched the analogy a little, but the essence is this.

We can assume that Brazil is included in the list of countries with Google Voice because of the failure in March and to be listed on the page that shows the price charged per minute call. But just in case I sent a message to the advice of Google Brazil asking and will update the post as soon as receive a response.