Google, Wikipedia and Other Protesting SOPA Tomorrow

The name proposed American law SOPA has the potential to create a kind of censorship preview in the US web and can eventually become the basis for other legislation in other countries. So for some time it has been extensively debated in the US, always associated with a feeling of rejection by who knows what will be the consequences. To try to show the size of the problem that this law creates large sites chosen this Wednesday to protest.

Earlier this week Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia said that the English version of the largest online encyclopedia in the world will become inaccessible tomorrow in protest against SOPA. Before that the popular news site Reddit and the famous American blog Boing Boing had also announced that on the 18th they will stop all activities and display a warning about SOPA on your homepage to sensitize its members on the law and warn that it is dangerous.

Joining them, Google announced today that it will also protest against the law. But as the company can not afford to shut down its main service that generates billions of dollars every year, what they plan is a little different than Wikipedia and Reddit. According to CNET, a message with a link in homepage of the browser will warn about SOPA.

According to comScore, the English version of Wikipedia has 25 million daily visitors. Already the Google home page, no one knows why the company never released. But as it is the most used browser in the world, have you ever imagine that is not little.

Despite the planned protests continue, the SOPA law was filed over the weekend and can never pass, although there is still a chance of that happening. Its smaller and equally terrible sister, PIPA, however, is still under discussion in the US Congress and therefore is more likely to become law.