Google Would Be Working in The Multi-View for Android Tablets

Already there are several manufacturers that have implemented their systems on their own multi-view for your devices Android, above all in tablets, but applications do not end up exploiting that feature for the simple fact that officially Android does not support it, but this could change in the future.

Google It would take several months testing a system multi-view allowing us use two applications at once in tablets. Each application could occupy 50% of the screen, or if the user wants it, that an application is displayed in 75% of the screen and the other 25%. The interface of the applications would be adapting to size.

With gestures from the view of open and recent applications is faulty the multi-view, sliding towards the sides two applications that you want to use at the same time. But this is not all, user can drag elements of an application to pass them on to the other, such as images, texts and any file as a quick copy and paste function.

It is unknown when Google will implement the multi-view on Android, if it is to do so. It is possible to be with the official Android and Nexus 9 release, since his rumored 4:3 screen seems perfect for the multi-view.