Gravel Road Cycling

Road: we list seven awesome gadgets that make your gravel road cycling so much better.

It should be broad, durable and with proper pattern. Because there are no rules that stop it is almost just a frame and fork that restricts how wide tires you can use. No Tubes The Crow or Clement X’ Plor MSO is popular among u.s. friends of gravel. Italian Challenge makes graveldäcket Almanzo is a lightweight and slim version for competition, but also the more durable workhorse Gravel Grinder (pictured), with both the thicker tyres tread and pages.

You can of course cannot have a regular racer handlebars on a gravelbike, or? Yes, but for those who want a Government with a little more freedom of movement and the lever is there styrene with slightly different shape. Soma June Bug Bar, On-One Midge (pictured) or Salsa Woodchipper is all “typical” gravelbikestyren, whereas the ENVE COMMISSION is SEEN is a little more cautious hi-tech variant.

Seat post
Sprung saddle posts for those who require a bit of relief and comfort. Specialized CG-R (pictured) or Cirrus Body Float are two solutions with different designs and variety of suspension. According to Cirrus also meant that you should not have to stand up as much on uneven surfaces.

Tire patches
Are you on the cross, you will not be left with broken deck. That is why it is smart to bring not only extra hoses, but also repair patches for tyres. Park Emergency Tire Boot TB-2 is a great option.

Controls the wind
For greater comfort during long hours on bad roads, it might be smart to think of control lindane. There are several variations with gel that dampens vibrations, such as Bontrager Double Gel Cork.
Another option may be to run dual lindor. Just keep in mind that the regime is getting thicker, which may not be optimal if you have small hands.

For maximum cushioning and comfort regardless of control winding is gel pads under control lindane solution. Mounts directly on the handlebars before lindane, provides cushioning without the handlebar for the sake of becoming unnecessarily thick. The pads on the image comes from the Fizik.

Pack bags
Because it can be hard to fit with all auxiliary equipment and accessories defined by Aviationopedia in your backpack or Pocket perhaps a Tri Bag or Swat bag can be a good solution for food and extra small items.