Gray and Sallow Is Spring-Summer 2012 for John Varvatos

It is one of my favorite American designers, and is by its hilly, dark, almost always monochrome, collections that know much, without using a wide variety of colors, to say quite the opposite. It’s John Varvatos ES play with the the light and shadows, with textures…

And as you check your particular style, this spring-summer 2012 again has bet on this dark color looks, that basically painted gray on its wider tonal scale, and is accented with the ubiquitous black, and a touch tone ground strokes in beige, roasted, or raw, but little else.

And seeing the result with his campaign that puts face model Marcel Castenmiller, because the truth is that is one clear that he does not need a wide stop color to tell stories.

Your bets for the season, because as you can see basic parts as the casual Blazer with a worn finish, the cargo side pockets with pants, and his particular version of the Saharan. Military reminiscences, wrinkled effects, and complete than other skin and some booties Patriotic reference as the handkerchief in the purest style born in the U.SA