Green Sweater Vest In Moss

Knitting special “Everything for the woman”

The winter can come with this cozy sweater vest. Follow our easy knitting pattern easy step by step.

Sizes: S/M/L/XL

The information for the individual sizes are in a row from the smallest to the largest size in different colors, separated by slashes. Is only an indication, it applies to all sizes.

You need this for the sweater vest:

  • Schachenmayr Bravo big, 950/1050/1300/1400 g in FIR, FB 00172
  • 2 buttons (by dill, article 390266, FB 21, 45 mm)
  • 2 flat back buttons (to the rear)
  • By Milward 1 circular needles 10 mm, 80 cm long
  • 1 crochet hook size 10 mm
  • 1 wool needle with large eye

And how easy it is:

Small Moss: 1 row (R): 1 mesh (M), turn right, 1 M left in the change work. 2. R: 1 M left, 1 M right alternating knit, so that always puts the M. Always repeat the 1st and 2nd to R.

Note: Increases are knitted XXL sweaters as Agooddir: after the first and before the last M of a R 1 envelope work, and in the following pattern according to as right or left M tiling cast off these.

Knitting tension/gauge: In the small Moss: 8 M and 14 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back: 41/45/49/53 M and in small Moss knit 34/34/37/37 cm. Now for the dropped sleeve on both sides = 1 M as described to 43/47/51/55 M and then 9 x 1 M increase in every 3rd row = 61/65/69/73 M.Noch 2/2/6/6 R over all STS, then for the shoulder slope on both sides in each R 20 x 1 M/18 x 1 M and 2 x 2 M/17 x 1 M and 3 x 2 M/16 x 1 M , 3 m x 2 M and 1 m x 3 M take off as follows:

In the return series after the first M always 2 M right covered knit together and always 2 M knit right before the last M.

In the back rows after the first M always 2 M left yo Tog and left work before the last M always 2 M.

The remaining 21/21/23/23 M shut down 70/70/76/76 cm from the stop for the neck opening.

Left front: 16/18/20/22 STS. Increasing for the front slope on the right side as follows: for sizes S and m in each 8 R 12 x 1 M, for sizes L and XL: in jeder8. R 8 x 1 M and in each 10th R 4 x 1 M.

34/34/37/37 cm from stop, the increases for the dropped sleeve and Dec for shoulder tilt work as described for back piece. They shut down the remaining 18/18/19/19 M.

Right front: against the same knit.

Completion: Close the shoulder seams. For the collar which take disused 57/57/61/61 M at the neckline in work and knit over all STS in small Moss, while the edge stitches above the shoulders Tog.

After 2 cm = 3 R for the two button holes in a row on the right side which Tog 4th and 5th M, 1 yo, 8 M knitting pattern according to, 1 Tog yo and the following 2 M covered. Cast off after a total of 7 cm collar length, the STS as they appear.

Now close the side seams and sew all threads.

Loop edge: The West and both Armhole edges with a chain slip Rd be crochet. Then umhäkeln with the edge of a loop as follows: penetrate from the left West side with the crochet hook in the chain stitch, place the thread around a thick marker or a 2.5 to 3 cm-wide strips of cardboard, and pull the thread loop.Initially only a thread loop of crochet hook, pull, pull both loops. In this way umhäkeln the edges.

Now sew on the buttons, sew it from the left side of the flat back buttons.