Guide: Dresscode For The Garden Party

Are you a guest at a garden party? Dress codes, so-called dress codes, apply almost everywhere in everyday life to a garden party. Just because today’s fashion is so diverse, fast-paced and colorful as never before, you should know what suits. Here comes the knowledge about the appropriate dresscode-for HER and for HIM.

The very big all-clear: in the first place, no one can force you to wear according to a dress code. Doing so is a question of courtesy and respect on certain occasions and among certain people. However, each dresscode can also have its own note and its own character-everything within the framework of course.

Invitation With Dresscode

An invitation to the garden party flings to them. Read them carefully, perhaps the host has a motto on clothing. This is how it happened to me once. “White Party” was on the invitation. This was still relatively easy to implement. With hippie and co it becomes with some wardrobes already difficult.Sometimes the invitation is simple and simple: Dresscode! Now you should know what you need to get out of the wardrobe.

For this, it would be an advantage if you know the occasion of the party, the host and the party location, in case of doubt the garden. You should also know how the weather will be. With this knowledge, it goes straight to the clothes selection. The more formal the occasion, the more festive you should dress. In principle, however, for a garden party, it is more casual than in the ballroom.Light fabrics for him as a suit or combination of pants and jacket, for her as a costume, suit or dress are announced. Cut and color should have a summery and elegant effect, if only “dresscode” is desired. She can then swing a cheerful skirt or a dress. Flower or graphic patterns are also welcome.The skirt / dress length may be shorter, ie kneeling or ending short showing on THEMEPARKTOUR.

We translate the most important terms you could read on an invitation to the garden party!

Come As You Are!

“Come as you are!” Means that you go directly from everyday life to the garden party and do not have to throw yourself in the evening dressing. He can hang the suit in the closet. The Blaumann from the work should also stay at home. Casual alternatives such as neat jeans with a jacket and a matching shirt or a corduroy suit with a shirt are conceivable. She jumps into a suit, a costume or a fine combi of trousers or skirt and cardigan / knit coat – in short, everything you are commonly called a “leisure” chic, woman can wear to the garden party.

Casual Business / Smart Casual

The “casual” concept is desirable with this dress code: Casual Business in a more formal version, Smart Casual in a more creative (more modern). One dresses casual and chic at the same time. It comes in a smart suit or a trousers-jacket, the pants being a jeans or sometimes a chino. She wears a summer dress, like shorter and depending on the weather a (knit) jacket over it.

evening Wear

A garden party in the evening dressing room is a festive and noble event to which HE appears best in the dark suit, while YOU have the choice between costume, suit, or dress (little black dress). Here it may be a bit more noble. The barbecue party with friends plays in another league.

The Matching Shoes For The Garden Party

In the dress code: the more solemn the evening, the more open your shoe. Now a garden party is an outdoor event and on lawn or sand. Shoes with high spiked heels sink into it. Therefore, use shoes with block heel, wedge heel & Co., so that you do not suddenly shrink by a few centimeters. In the case of HIM, the shoes should fit perfectly to the textile elevator, the range ranges from suit shoes to noble, casual sneakers.

Dresscode Garden Party – With Hat?

A garden party is rather rare the place for a hat. But there is quite the possibility, one to put on-especially since the shadow also donates. In order not to be the only one with a hat, simply take your hat with you and look quickly over the garden fence before entering the party, whether there are “well-guarded” guests… You can finally leave the hat in the car. If you like to be noticed, you can also wear a hat as the only one. After all, that is not every woman!

Sunglasses – 3 Conditions

A sunny afternoon in the garden, there sunglasses are fond of companions. But is the summer accessory according to the dresscode also gladly seen? Actually only if one is able to master the appropriate forms of treatment:

  1. To the welcome down with the sunglasses!
  2. During the conversation the sunglasses (as sun protection!) Can only stay up if the conversation partner politely ask for understanding.
  3. Sunglasses in the hair?For garden parties rather tolerated. If the occasions are festive, do not put the sunglasses on the head.

Good to know: Researchers found that we were more selfish when we covered our eyes with sunglasses.

In this sense: Have fun! On our Deerberg summer festival is a very casual dresscode. Come as you feel comfortable. This rule should always be in the first place! Then you will also appear confidently.