Guide to Mens Blazer Jackets

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Fashion tips: the blazer man guide, how to choose a jacket?

The jacket is an essential piece of the menswear. Timeless is, she is at all seasons and crosses modes without wavering. Not only a beautiful jacket flatters your silhouette in her structuring, but it also brings added value to the clothes that make up your outfits. It is a stamp of elegance and virility. So many reasons that require to make the right choice. Remains that if this exercise in style is accessible to all, it is more complex that it looks.

Passing in review the criteria essential to your quest:
1. The shoulder: shoulder must break cleanly, it is the most important element.the angle of the shoulder must be well defined, without fold or superfluous material. The fittings are important.
2. The cutting: a jacket is curved (which does mean not tight), thus drawing a regular curve of your hips without however scoring too many folds in the back or at the level of the neck.
3 Length: jacket and shirt mix especially when these parts are agreed and let appear the sleeves of your shirt.
4. Size: your jacket should keep you at the level of the flanks and (very) slightly at the level of the plexus-you should be able to get your fist at that level.

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