Guide to Percal Fabric

There is something rather than lay in a comfortable bed and feel the pleasant touch of the sheet. After all, a good night’s sleep, the bed linen have to take comfort too. The parts made in percale are very pleasant to the touch, so many people prefer to buy percale linens. But not everyone knows what is percale that fabric it is made and the difference between the wires.

The cotton percale is made, the percale name refers to the type of weave employed and not the tissue. It is done in plain weave, which means that the warp threads, which are running in the length direction and the weft, which are running in the horizontal, intersecting one at a time. For simplicity, they are twisted like a thread over another underneath. Know more.

What is percale?

The percale is a woven cotton made ​​with interwoven plots. To be considered a really percale, it is necessary that the fabric has at least 180 yarns per square inch. It has a matte and very soft to the touch aspect. The higher the number of yarns, more resilient and soft is the fabric and also better quality sheet.

As the percale fabric is a 100% natural, it is much softer than sheets made with synthetic fiber. He has a close cotton finish and is great to enjoy the summer because it is a lightweight fabric. You can also find percale with satin aspect, this means that the wire entanglement was also used satin, it leaves the table with a look a little brighter, less dull than 100% cotton and gives a more noble aspect to the piece .

The great advantage of percale is that it has excellent durability, precisely because it is made with twisted plots one by one, it is less likely to shred or create balls over time.

180, 200, 250 thread …

The greater the number of wires of the sheet, but it is soft. Nowadays sheets can be made ​​with up to 1250 strands. The fabric 1000 wires, for example, has a much higher quality and lasts many years, is an investment for life. But to choose the amount of wires of your table, what counts is actually the taste of each. Select percale sheet that has the softness, prints and colors that suit you, after all, it is you who is going to spend a beautiful night’s sleep on them.

Caring for your percale sheet

To ensure that your percale sheet is a companion of many years, worth taking some precautions:

Wash your percale sheet after purchase, before using for the first time. So it gets softer and better fits the bed.

Keep the sheets in a dry, cool place.

For a good organization, keep the sheet always in games so that the pieces do not get lost and separate them by colors, neutral to the strongest.


It is important to choose the correct size for your bed, not to be left too much tissue or missing, which is very bad.

King Size: 193 x 203 cm

Queen Size: 198 x 158 cm

ordinary couple: 188 x 138 cm

Single King: 205 x 100 cm

Common Single: 188 x 88 cm

Now that you know all about percale, you name it!