H & M Conscious Collection: Eco-Fashion Returns This Spring/Summer 2012

Fashion sometimes corporations are “forced” to carry out a series of corporate actions that are time with social projects. This Corporate Social responsibility in H & M has resulted in the Conscious Collection relying on a special way of using tissue.

Conscious Collection It is part of the initiative of H & M for a sustainable future of fashion. The main element is the organic cotton that is grown without chemicals and all the sustainable character appearing in most of the time, 50% organic cotton and the other half of normal cotton is based on this.

One of the clothes that I like more this has been American in beige with edges of flaps. The tone is very flattering for the summer and the way encountered combine it in the lookbook has been very successful. On a clear upper, personally I don’t like carrying same tone jeans so that these Chinese flax.

The shorts They also have their place within this collection. And what better way than with one of the colors of the season, the Green mint, a tone which I love although we favor we have to soon undergo a tanning session. The two-tone belt It is also worthy of my summer wishlist.

We are also entering the world of the poles of fine point, returning every spring-summer. In a dark blue color, with a navy-style neck and with one edge onto the sleeves, you have that point preppy both were carrying this season. We are back to give him a role in the look to the belt.

The photos, if you have not noticed it, are made by the photographer Terry Richardson. And remind me a lot to which he made for the Pirelli Calendar. Mathias Lauridsen and RJ Rogenski are models. How about the collection?