Hair And Cold: 10 Means To Race to Fix!

In winter take care of hair it is essential! We do not underestimate that the cold threatens the health of our hair weakening and damaging them. Follow our reports and your hair will be flawless!

With the arrival of cold and low temperatures usual we take care of our skin , but the hair we’ve ever thought?

If you use the hand protection and moisturizer for the face are gestures we make on a daily basis, we are sincere, the hair strands do not put anything. True?

We do not usually protect them despite they wither quickly if not treated in an appropriate way.

Obviously not all know that if the sebaceous glands do not produce the amount needed to protect the hair fiber, our hair will dry up and frizz is undoubtedly one of the most widespread consequences, and most feared by us women.

The phenomenon can also be determined by the weather, it’s the sun, wind, rain or cold, if you also add the smog, the situation can only worsen.

Environmental pollution deposited dust and toxic substances that weigh down the hair , forcing frequent cleaning, which, in turn, attack our poor hair.

Among the things you can do there is to use very gentle cleansers that revitalize the hair, giving it a healthy look.

Let’s talk about oils that protect against dehydration, shampoo and conditioner that are adapted to their needs and regenerating masks that support styling.

The daily routine is to avoid sleeping in too heated environments, not to sweat during the night, and simultaneously to limit the temperature changes.

But here is a list of remedies only selected for you … run for cover!

1. Constant Nourishment

To prevent your hair is dirty easily because of the weather, which also tend to make them dry, try to take care of it nourishes the hair in depth.

Apply a mask with chamomile or alternatively use a balm made ​​from jojoba oil and let stand for a few minutes.

Remember that at the end of each cleaning you will have to repeat the operation, and so your hair will be soft and weatherproof!

2. Protect them with scarf and hat

Cover yourself well with scarf and hat may seem trivial that suggestion.

But no; on the contrary protect from the cold is the scalp that the same length of your hair  will prevent humidity and low temperatures can damage them.

Also, when you move from an enclosed to an open, your hair will get stressed and stimulates frizz.

Be careful that the hat is not too tight, should not cut off circulation, even facilitate it.

Protect them costs nothing and then we want to talk about how the hats are very chic and glam? I love them!

3. Avoid very hot water

In winter hot water is a cure-all, but when his hair washed remember that the water at too high a temperature can damage them.

If you can, use only warm water and try to finish the washing with a jet of cold water to help you to close the cuticles, making it the most durable and shiny.

Massage the scalp well and try to make this duty relaxing moment!

4. Limit the use of the plate

Use the flat iron at the end of each wash can not it exhausting and eventually wear down our hair.

The temperature at which we set the plate is usually high, for so the hair tend to shed fibers and weaken.

From this, the step to be damaged can only be very short.

Protect your hair with hair dryer and drying them with regard to the mass bends, do like the old days … with good brush!

5. Pay attention to the temperature of the dryer

Even the hairdryer as the smoothing plate and the curling is detrimental to our hair and not be absolutely used at high temperature.

A great and effective tip is to set your machine to a medium temperature, alternating air jets hot to cold air jets.

Try to use it for the shortest time possible, the risk to avoid is precisely to transform the hair to smooth and silky to dry and frizzy!

6. Dry your hair completely

This season, however, make sure the foliage to dry completely.

Leave the house with wet hair still make full both exposure harmful effect of the weather, both the ‘ weakening and their subsequent collapse.

And then, you will not certainly find yourself fighting even with a headache and a bad cold?

7. Dab after washing

After each wash, before drying your hair, dab with a sponge or microfiber cloth avoiding rubbing the strands together.

The gesture squeeze thoroughly after washing depends on the elimination of excess water, so cover them and pat with softness is not likely to ruin your cuticles.

Remember and keep well in mind that this beauty advice works in every season!

8. Avoid constantly touching

We’ve already established what are the factors that most seriously harm our hair.

The cold, the rain and the bad weather, proper of this season, already do their part, but you try not to make the situation worse!

Do not touch them all the time.

This gesture, for many of us unconsciously, tends to get dirty a lot and weighing it down, forcing frequent cleaning.

If you want to prevent the strands from moving freely and the hair will mess, have recourse to the great circles or other hair accessories.

You will surely be so cute!

9. No to temperature changes

During the winter it is usual to spend time in public places, which are quite heated especially in the coldest cities, but when it goes outside the hair are likely to be damaged.

To show off a healthy hair you must pay close attention to changes in temperature, especially if the air is cold the hair weaken and incurs in the effect frizz.

If you are at home we suggest that you slowly get used to the external environment head, maybe opening for a while ‘the window and trying to familiarize himself with the climate that’s out.

10. Use natural products

To help our hair to defend themselves from the aggressions of the weather as well as by chemical or mechanical treatments, we suggest you use natural products that nourish and restructure hair already damaged.

Resorting to remedies from nature can be through a proper diet, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, either through natural products to apply on our hair, like the excellent vegetable oils.

Choose products with good Inci, which are made ​​from olive oil and aloe vera.

unchanged will maintain the pH of your hair and be nourished, hydrated and never devoid of brilliance!