Hair for All Tastes!

One of the things I love to talk is: Hair! A trick here, a produtinho again there, but what really matters is to know the new trends and filter what actually would be good in you!

Hair for All Tastes!

Since the last parade of Colcci SPFW in saw Gisele Bundchen with soaked hair gel-creating this wet effect, well lubricated that was recreated by Bottega Veneta–different beach hair smooth, however bagunçadinho of Roberto Cavalli. Prada brought back not only the silver shadow as the “jazz” hair-licked and waves marked; I prefer to Ferre that gave a modeled in straight hair to create volume.

The trapped hair are all the rage! Gucci appears with torcidinho Coke with lots of gel and Jil Sander holds the wires with carelessness and gives texture to wool we’ve seen in other shows.

Already Versace and Oscar de La Renta make a SideShow: the first is a simple lean-to and capped (to do the same just to have a square piece of fabric, put in coke and pass a rubber band). J the second Coke is the representation of the capillary sophistication! And for you that think super hard, SWOT of Julia Petit made a tutorial on how to make, that I watched and approved: made in 5 minutes a hair that just came out of the walkways.

Missoni in BoHo wave of (almost) always bet on ethnic scarves as accessory: trapped in several ways in hair messed up ! Emilio Pucci used the same tactic, however, prisoners made Headbands with a slight wavy. Are current and practical for the days of bad hair day!

I loved the donut bun, and you?

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