Hairstyles to Match Your Dress

Because the choice of hairstyle is as important as the dress, you have to combine both to perfection. Our site Unveils winning combinations of D-day.

Hairstyle and Dress

The strapless dress

According to, the strapless dress is the ideal model for the summer, leaving our tanned shoulders (or not) and that allows us a wide choice in terms of necklaces. Adornment diamond for the most romantic place.

The right hairstyle: a King-size bun

With a dress that gives off our shoulders, not letting his neck covered with our hair. To avoid the shadow to our outfit of the day, we put on a nice bun king bed, high up the head. The secret of this hairstyle? Hair must be well flattened at the root and slightly glossy while the rest of the lengths is brought back into a ball. For a complete, it does not hesitate to use a black foam to give volume to our bun. More pudding is imposing, the result will be managed as overview on parade Joanna Mastroianni.

The backless dress

This type of dress “Backless” is perfect for thin size (and therefore the thin back).Battery in the trend of the perforated, it allows to subtly reveal part of his Anatomy, while remaining glamorous.

The right hairstyle: a loose on the side braid

If you choose the option “back cut”, we forget the bun and let’s calm down the game by opting for a loose on the side braid. Ideal for those who wish to break the codes and do a nice walk from nose to the traditional wedding updo. If we want to go even further, we add a hippie detail to this hair style, wrapping a Ribbon throughout the mat, as on the parade Hannibal Laguna. So smart!

The princess dress

As its name suggests, this is the dress that responds best to our dream girl: a royal wedding. The image of the beautiful (cf: beauty and the beast), this dress is just what our shoulders to make room for a semi-plongeant neckline. And while the bust is marked to the size, the rest of the dress is flared and puffy.

The right hairstyle: the plaited Crown

With a dress as large in volume, we forget the buns perched on the top of the head and we prefer the option of braided Crown to bring a nice port to head to the final look. Beauty guaranteed romantic look!

The mermaid dress

The Mermaid dress marries the curves of the body and mark the size.

The right hairstyle: wavy hair

To counteract with the sexy look of the dress, we dare adopt the attitude wavy. But be careful, not question to skip on the shine. To do this, we put on a shinny oil is sprayed on all our lengths. And finally, we zap also jewelry of hair, no need to charge the final look, the glam dress combo’ and wild hair will do the rest.

The empire waist dress

It is without doubt the most practical to wear dress. In addition, it adapts to all morphologies by her skirt to the straight cut, slightly flared, starting from the underside of the chest.

The right hairstyle: the one shoulder

Ultra sensual, the one shoulder has quickly emerged as the hairstyle of the summer. To accompany this dress simple yet chic, it’s the perfect style hair. Choose between a smooth, for a look or how Hollywood star version buckled more easy chic.

The dress with ruffles

This dress, also called dress to floors, to conceal some curves through the optical effect caused by the wheels. This air model responds to the desire of romance and dreams.

The right hairstyle: the twisted side bun

If we decide to stake everything on the dress with Ruffles, there is violence on the hairstyle. Here, the bun do not place in the back, but on the side. A bun XS twisted and tucked under the ear will be able to give us a pretty head port. If fancy us, a flower or a little piece of hair can come off this hairstyle.

The ballerina dress

As its name suggests, this dress is previously for the star dancers. Wedding dress version, it is perfect for women-children.

The right hairstyle: the Crown of flowers

For d-day, we adopt the look of Keira Knightley to her wedding by mixing our dress ballerina to a natural wreath. On smooth or slightly wavy lengths, there of daisies, peonies and orchids on the top of our head. And for those who would be very dextrous with their hands, By Poppy brand will be to fill all of our desires.