Handbags of Famous Babes

The bag is an accessory that can not miss for women who always have this accessory from different brands and different colors to make combinations, but the bags darlings of the famous are way better and designer of envy.
The marks of the darlings of the famous handbags range from the classic Chanel to Louis Vuitton, everything depends on the event and the moment.

The actress Bruna Majmudar already was seen with a small model of Gucci, the Soho Disc Bag, in two colors being a caramel and the other blue, stock model that costs around $ $895; but also clicked on a tour using a bag Louis Vuitton as well as Isis Valverde and Ivete Sangalo.
Giovanna Ewbank already prefer the bag bicolor Beau 2 Park Avenue designer Kate Spade with a price tag of approximately R $1,698.00.

The classic case of Chanel in matelasse, a success for many decades, is one of the darlings of handbags Fiorella Matheis and costs around £ $14,720.00, who has also been seen with Marina Ruy Barbosa, but the latter does the brand Hermes Birkin bag that can be purchased for no less than $ $9,000.
Alessandra Ambrosio and Fernanda Motta prefer beautiful Garavani Valentino Rockstud, which can be acquired by R $8,140.00.

With several models Ticiane Pinheiro scholarship says her favorites are the bags from Chanel and Hermès; Flávia Alessandra already uses constantly your bag Boy model of Chanel.
Samara Felippo, Giovanna Lancelotti and Christine Fernandes has as the brand Balenciaga handbags darlings that use and Fernanda Lima unlike any uses the Marc Jacobs with a lot of style.

When it comes to handbags in baglib.com of famous international darlings have the Boston model Bag designer Céline adored by Lindsay Lohan and Reese Witherspoon being sold in various colors with various different details for $ $1,450; This model is very seen with nine out of ten celebrities.

One of the darlings of handbags Nicole Richie are some models of the brand Balenciaga, but she also loves Celine handbags often clicked with your Luggage Tote, in addition to not let Miss the renowned Chanel brand.
There are other models of handbags that are also the favorite of many famous as the Mulberry Alexa, Dior Granville, Lady Dior, Chanel Reissue Bowler Bag, among others.

After seeing so many models and brands of handbags darlings of the famous gave that urge to go shopping and have most enjoyed equal?
The famous handbags are really beautiful, classy, charming, yet prices are not very attractive!