Harry Potter Chooses Orkut Social Networking

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows only premiere on Friday, November 19. Who has not seen the 36 – minute film leaked on Torrents and will wait until there won this Thursday an ally at the time to customize the computer downloads related to the film. To do so just visit the official community of Harry Potter 7 on Orkut.

There are few users of Orkut registered in the new community, which was created to promote the film. So is the point of official meeting of those who want to discuss Harry Potter on social networks. Or at least it should be, for Google and Warner.

This page shows the attempt Orkut to continue being the main site of Brazil’s relationships with the right to copy what you usually see only on Facebook. Pictures, wallpapers and posters are some of the content released by the responsible for the film on Orkut, but the curious thing is that these links take the user to an external page. Another detail is the community of customization with the motives of Harry Potter.

I confess I had never seen a promotional community of its kind in Orkut. It seemed like a poorly made ​​copy of the FB offers. And for you, it was legal or meh?