Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Marriage: here’s how to arrange a wedding inspired by the saga of Harry Potter! All the typical elements of the stories of the famous boy wizard can become an integral part of your wedding: find out how!

The Harry Potter saga have passionate million people, from children to adults. This passion for some has been a source of inspiration even for your wedding day, so decide to insert elements typical of the  novels and films in dress and in the Hall of reception. A choice definitely original and unique, a wedding much to remember! It is not easy to dose these elements without falling into the ridiculous and eccentricity exaggerated but with a little care and good taste, you can recreate the magical atmosphere of the character created by J.K. Rowling. The 2016 quartz pink Pantone wedding trend sees triumph: combine a passion for Harry Potter to the trend color of the year would be a good and successful solution!

But on what context you can show all the influence of the famous boy wizard? Not to offend anyone, avoid the Church and the moment of religious ceremony; in that case, you may already have worn small elements reminiscent of the saga, but nothing excessive. A scarf, shoes, a detail of your hairstyle, a jewel, the bow tie groom … these particular discrete are welcome also during the function, others might create an effect too theatrical.

Upon receipt, you can dance! The decorations of the Hall, participations (sent months before), the placeholders, plates and glasses can faithfully recreate the atmosphere of the refectory of Hogwarts, as well as the details you can add to your dress and the groom. Don’t have fun alone but engage your guests by giving them hats, wands, scarves and anything that particularly comes to mind to entertain friends and relatives flocked to celebrate business! Obviously, the menu needs to be themed, not so much for flavors, than for appearance. Rely on artists of the field to create potions, owls, sweets and special compositions. If the wedding is celebrated during the summer, held the reception outside, preferably in an area full of trees and greenery. In a sense, themarriage inspired by Harry Potter looks a bit like the atmosphere of the wedding in Nordic style, a style very much in keeping with the nature and magical sensations that the saga conveys.

In our gallery at WEDDINGSUPPLYCHAIN.COM you will find many ideas for a Harry Potter themed wedding: choose the details you find them interesting!