Have They Robbed You Mobile? Android Device Manager Soon Tea Will Allow to Turn It into a Paperweight

On the subway, in a coffee shop, walking down the street… Robberies are quite common and smartphones are the candy of the thieves. Most platforms has a system that allows you to control the device remote to, first try to retrieve it, and second block and delete the content if we have lost all hope. However, the option that Google plans to add to the Android Device Manager exceeds them all.

The latest changes added to the Android Open Source Project targeting the possibility of blocking or brickear remote phones. When we say that a device is bricked means that it is completely useless, hence the term use the word brick (brick). In the not too distant future, this could be one of the new features in the Device Manager of Android and a headache for thieves.

Nobody wants to turn your precious smartphone into a paperweight of hundreds of euros. In fact, it is the increased risk that you run when you begin to put a hand in the system without enough experience, but it can be a very effective solution in case of theft, especially of face to avoid resale device.

Currently the Android Device Manager allows us to run several options. The first is designed for those cases in which we have lost the phone at home and we are not able to find it. The application makes sound device so that we can locate it easily between the cushions of the sofa or in the coat pocket, but it won’t help if they have robbed us mobile.

In case of theft can try to locate the phone on the map and go on your quest, although if you prefer to avoid confrontation it is better that you opt for lock the device remotely so the thief can not use it. As a last resort, you can delete the content and thus prevent someone from accessing your personal data, but will not prevent thief to restore the terminal and sell it in the second hand market.

Change Google AOSP 235361 makes it clear: adds support for brickear a lost phone. At the moment it is unknown as they integrate it into the system, but there is no doubt that it is the stronger solution to a possible robbery which should only be used as a last resort. Brickearias your Android theft?