Headlamps: Practical and Effective!

Who do not keep yourself from the darkness wants to leave to pursue his outdoor activities , requires a reliable partner in terms of lighting. Whenever you need to bring light into the darkness, headlights are a practical alternative to conventional flashlights. Especially if you need to keep both hands free.

Head lamps at McTREK outdoor sports

In our McTREK outdoor sports on-line you will find a wide selection of head lamps models with which you can keep everything in sight from dusk until dawn.

Whether on night hikes, jogging in the evening or morning twilight, you are ideally prepared for all lighting conditions night skiing or climbing in dark crevasses up to the cave climbing in total darkness, with the right head lamp model.

Especially if you always free, keep the hands in your operations to pursue an activity in the dark, headlamps are the drug of choice. Easily attached with the headband on the head, the cone of light remains fixed always in sight.

Battery life

The most headlamps are much more energy efficient than regular lights thanks to the use of State of the art LED lighting technology and thus have significantly longer battery life.

Head lamps features

Depending on the model and manufacturer, you can Dim the brightness adjust the focal length of the light cone, choose between different light settings, such as the local or remote lighting. Also, some forehead lamp models feature additional power settings or a warning glance function.

This is important, because just when to strong light, the light reflections can hide and thus again restrict the view. Weak light, as also a false light angle lead also to a restricted field of vision.

Lumens per watt – light intensity

The perceptible by the human eye luminous efficacy of a light source is measured in lumens per watt. For example perceives the human eye red light compared to yellowish, as also green light sources, very much worse. A red light bulb is comparable to bright, perceived as a yellow or green light source, the red light with considerably more luminosity must be equipped.

To assign the to be performed for the human eye color spectrums of light sources with regard to their luminosity with a comparable degree, the luminosity is specified when bags, such as headlamps, also in lumens. The higher is the value specified in lumens per watt, the higher is the luminosity of the respective lamp.

Headlamps offer at McTREK

In our McTREK you will find online offer a wide range of modern headlamps from well-known manufacturers, such as mammoth , Led Lenser, Silva! Visit our McTREK outdoor sports shop or join our directly into a McTREK stores!