Healthy Hair, Shiny Hair

Girls, today I want to speak of a treatment that has changed visibly and from the first application, the appearance of my hair.

I have fairly long hair (up to half back) and moreover I have treatment of color and I regularly use irons, hair dryer… in spite of this, I have to admit, that my hair is in “good health” and I have the hair healthy and shiny. While it is true that the tips, always tend to dry out a little bit and that is why, I decided to try the treatment that I present today.

It is a recharge of keratin which can be applied at home in just a few minutes and offers some spectacular results. Apply hair freshly washed and damp as if it were a mask and after completing the treatment, we seal the keratin hair dryer and iron. Does not require rinsing and leaves hair so healthy just like the shiny wigs at bridgat and as bright as if you were just out of the hair dresser. It is extraordinary!

Twice a week it can be applied if necessary, but as you said, my hair was not overly dry and with a weekly application for three weeks it has regained the shine and softness.

For the rest of the days in which I not apply keratin recharge, I use a product for hair styling (that you can see in the photo with the yellow plug). It is a hairstyle that can be applied dry or wet and that nourishes the hair in depth.

There are several treatment options and various products to choose. The price of that I bought is unbeatable. Every top-up of keratin (gives to twice as a minimum on a long mane) out for 8.50 euros and styling product get for 8 euros (and this hard life whole because it applies very little).

I bought the products in store physics, since it thus, sparing me shipping and courier, but since the web costs, make deliveries to all Spain (I do not know if it also outside of it, I guess Yes). The person who is in charge of service customer of the distribution company, has been charming, super professional and gave me all the information given and for having. I have been advised to superbly. from here, a salute to Livia and thank you for your help and advice.

Edit to add the address of the shop that I bought, the web where online and details of the person that I attended can place orders.