Here Comes the Galaxy Note 4 with Memory Cards

Today we have great news about the big cell – Galaxy Note 4. Read more!

Samsung Galaxy vs Note 3 Note 4

It is possible to Note 4 won’t even look like its predecessor – Note 3 (on the picture)

It is too early for a lot of detail, but here comes some of the biggest news about Samsung’s next Note-mobile.

Main camera 20 megapixels

According to a News can Galaxy Note 4 get a brilliant camera at 20 MP – they say that the Samsung is developing a 20-megapixel sensor.

The only mobile manufacturer that will use 64-bit processor (besides Apple)

Currently Apple is the only mobile manufacturer, which uses 64-bit processors, but Samsung can become the next. According to Wholesaleably is working actively on it, and since Samsung Galaxy S5 did not have a 64-bit processor, there is little chance that Galaxy Note 4 gets a 64-bit processor. The same says the well-known “delicious” @evleaks.

Brilliant display

Already last year published Samsung that there is a full 4 k resolution on its way, and that they plan to increase gradually the solution on mobile screens. According to several leaks can Samsung Galaxy Note-4 get a fierce QHD-resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels).

Giant cell phone can be waterproof

In addition, Galaxy Note 4 be waterproof! It is the latest rumor about Galaxy Note 4 we have today. If the rumors fit, will be the successor to the Galaxy Note 3 really a great phone.
But remember that there are still three months to launch, then take the rumors with a grain of salt.