History of Ladies watches

 Historical brands

Some brands of watches have distinguished themselves for having accompanied in their particular categories of workers or of sports building its own specific image, a real identity. This is the case of Hamilton, for example, that in 1909 designs and builds a poso intended for the staff of the American railroads.

Its uniqueness consisted in the fact that being equipped with special lever arch mechanisms, could be adjusted according to specific procedures known only by attendants. In this way, it prevented any random variation. In the same year, Omega decides instead to devote himself to producing Chronographs for use in contests between balloons.

Always in the field of sport will target, in 1912, Longines with the realization of the first automatic chronometers running competitions: arrival and departure, athletes broke the wires that were tied up some weights falling enabled (or disabled) the time count. In 1927 the same brand will begin to supply the airlines of watches which made it possible to calculate the position of the vehicle during flight.

Always the army turned even Panarai workshops in 1940 with the production of “Luminor Panarai” able to go down to 30 meters deep and this is especially useful for the Raiders. In 1955 the Rolex decides to have as clients a particular army weapon: the Navy. The 1968 is a date definitely significant for the history of Omega: this year the Speedmaster himself onto the lunar surface to poso to Armstrong.

Among the newcomers are the heart of Sweet Years, brand born in 2003 from the idea of 2 samples (Paolo Maldini and Christian Vieri) soon turned into real testimonials of the brand. Shortly after would have been made the watch with the same brand.

Analog or digital?

The first choice to be made at the time of the evaluation of buying a watch is whether to opt for an analog or digital clock. Let’s define bravemente differences. Analog, as the term itself, is everything that works on the basis of similarities between quantities directly proportional to each other.

Instead, digital is all that is based on a binary system of numbers or symbols. In practice an analog clock has hands, i.e. small rods that revolve around a dial on which shows a metric scale for measuring the hour and minute hands. This is classic watches that fit any kind of person. The choice could fall on an indication of time with Roman numerals or Greek numerals according to taste. The digital clock instead measures time using discrete values.

In fact, while the hands of an analog clock moving imperceptibly within the quadrant record every single variation, digital mode works jerky, without giving information on intermediate values: each click adjusts a given variation. In such cases, the hours and minutes are indicated by a sequence of symbols: figures. May be better suited to sports people who need to keep track of the passage of time in a schematic way.

Recently, you can also opt for a third possibility: a digital and analog clock at the same time. In fact, the novelty is placed on the market in July from Fossil: a watch that combines the two modes for the most demanding and extravagant. The dial is rectangular and is divided vertically in half, alternating light and dark background. On the left side with dark background shows the digital time, while in the centre there are the hands which just opposite to the digital section will find the corresponding metric scale for the timestamp.

For sporty women

Increasingly, in today’s society, the woman is faced with different roles in the same day: mother, wife, worker, manager … in a life so hectic, can’t possibly miss some moments of leisure to devote some time to herself.Many reserve these opportunities just to physical activity, understood as a tool to take care of themselves.

That a woman engaged in professional sports or just during leisure time, for passion, it doesn’t matter. The models of watches aimed at this target are really numerous. Compared with male models, sports watches for women are often more streamlined shapes, small dials and thinner straps, without forgetting a hint of originality.

Must be comfortable, snug at the wrist but at the same time also know how to transmit a degree of femininity without losing a certain degree of taste and elegance. Hence the birth they shaped straps that fit any wrist, are able to convey the idea of speed and movement. The alternatives of choice in this area are really very many.

First of all: better to opt for an analog clock or digital?
This is the area where most frequently proposed digital models, certainly more accurate, but perhaps a little less elegant. So, for those looking for a watch to be used every day, within hours of relaxation or work, perhaps it is better to resort to classic hands. For the strictest in the conduct of the exercise, are preferable digital models.

Another important observation to be made prior to purchase is the type strap that comes with the subject: there are the classic ones, belt; those tight, bent tubes to adhere better to the poso; those specific to certain sports, such as the straps-very useful for tennis players (in this specific case, many companies include in the purchase even a set of interchangeable cuffs) …

Attention also to the structure of the subject: a sports watch should be light, practically you shouldn’t hear. The latest precautions in the evaluations to be carried out before buying relate the different functions that these watches can bring: time, date, Chronograph, back light, waterproof (up to 50 or 100 m), alarm, dual time, calorie measurement, heart rate monitors, interval timer (to alternate phases of training from different intensities), target time (to measure the actual gap between established time targets and achievements) , convertible display that allows you to customize the display of total time and/or in the round), memory of times achieved, thermometer, pressure, barometers, gps … not forgetting those radio controlled!

For elegant women

A ceremony, an important occasion, a business dinner (…) there are many occasions when there is not enough for a woman to wear a dress to class, but you must also have a wrist watch is appropriate to the context. This category of watches, in fact, is not addressed only to those who have particularly high lifestyle, but also to all those who wish to have a precious thing to wear in the most important moments.

These are real gems for which the function to measure the beat becomes definitely much value: the dials will significantly reduce their size to become simple bracelet kit item much more like a precious object to a strap. For this reason you are buying mostly in jewelry stores or stores that are dedicated to a single manufacturer. The elegant timepieces in fact can be categorized as luxury watches or watches.

The first class are turning to all those people who want to stand out even in the choice of objects sought; brand name watches, on the other hand, have a slightly different connotation and are turning more often to those who prefer to show others to be always attentive to the changing fashion trends.Typically, the price of an object of this type is around 5,000 € reaching even higher figures.

Just like a jewel, in fact, they often become valuable gifts to Crown an important event. This is an important decision, which often can last forever.It is therefore essential to properly evaluate various alternatives of choice before making your purchase.
First attention to strap: gold for those who want to exaggerate, silver for the most nonthreatening, steel, for those who are content a bit more …

Second best consider the options: Chronograph, water resistance (…) will depend on the needs of those who will wear it. Finally, a curiosity from today’s market: in September will be marketed also in Italy Paris Hilton’s designer watches, a collection consisting of 4 different models from the outrageously stravaganti….si will be a new trend? We’ll see.

Some brands:


Bulgari–Cartier–Ebel–Longines–Omega–Patek Philippe Geneve –Vacheron Constantin–Rolex-Tudor–Ulysse Nardin–Bauer & Marcier


Armani–Breil–Bulova–Horses–Calvin Klein–Dolce & Gabbana Dior ––Fendi-Gucci

For all other …

For all those who love to stand out in everyday life because of their simplicity, but are keen to wear good quality items there are brands such asFossil and Mondaine that make the linearity their strong point. The quality is definitely good, elegant without being pretentious. The models offered are many, ranging from the elegant sporting ones. Prices hover around 70 – 100 € so definitely accessible by most.

For the young or for all those who prefer to opt for cheaper models, suitable for a casual and unpretentious, not forgetting of course the famous Swatch, brand now historic for having originated in the years ‘ 90 to a real craze.

For those who prefer to stand out to own a clock “outside the lines” we remember the existence of watches that use less common and curious digital techniques such as those falling spheres with an electric motor that periodically (every minute) he drops metal balls along a certain path or binary ones who prefer indicate hours and minutes based on a binary code.