How Can I Style My Hawaiian look?

Short question, even shorter answer: Yes, that is it! The Hawaii look is also right in summer 2013. Because with Hawaii we simply combine good mood, the most beautiful summer sunshine and simply summer. This is exactly what we like about this Hawaii look. When I think of the Hawaii look of the year 2013, then quite different clothes come to my mind. You have become curious?Join me on my fashion trip to Hawaii. Finished? Then we start in the direction of Hawaii.

1. More than the typical Hawaiian shirt

Because -and now I’m quite honest- that’s what I think of when I think of the Hawaii look. With every thought of Hawaii, this shirt is always at the forefront. In countless variants it has burned into my lens and simply will not disappear anymore. That’s how I felt when I recently stumbled across a short article in a fashion magazine. In the magazine’s circulation there was almost an obscure reference to the colorful flower patterns and cheerful colors that fashion has to offer again this summer. And because Hawaii is the epitome of good mood, best weather and a very relaxed life for many of us, the new summer fashion is just perfect.

It is time that we change our image of Hawaii, so at least our fashionable image. This Hawaii shirt ought to be named “I-am-the-only-fashion-out-of-Hawaii.”to lose. Why? Well, because there are still more and more beautiful things to discover in Hawaiian style. And for both women and men. Yes dear men, the Hawaiian fashion horizon does not end with this shirt. If you want, you can buy men’s Hawaiian shirts at But today that there is still more. The designers have also discovered Hawaii for themselves.If you want to bring the “Aloha Spirit” to you, you can do it very easily in summer 2013. Now, large-format floral prints are the favorite of the designers. You can hardly get past the cheerful shirts, pants, dresses and accessories. Colorful flowers are simply part of the Hawaiian culture, they are put into their hair and worn as a flower around their necks. You do not have to bastard the bastard now, you can dress differently in the Hawaii look.

2. How can I style my Hawaiian look?

Actually, warming sunrays are an important ingredient for the Hawaii look. Well, they do not always exist. But with this look they come out almost as if by themselves.

The Hawaiian look for women

We women have a lot more fun in fashion, are often a bit more experimental and often have a much bigger selection of fashion and accessories. And exactly for us is also the catch: This huge selection. Since it is not easy to fight through this fashion jungle, I am giving you a few tips today on how to find your personal Hawaii look 2013.

A classic is the long beach dress, in the hawaiian style with large floral motifs it is the Hingucker. If you choose this dress, there is only one motto and that is colorful. Because the floral prints unfold their cheerful character and spontaneously make a good mood. The beach dress is also a real all-round talent, can be quickly dispensed, cheats away pounds and is also suitable after the day at the beach for the restaurant visit or shopping. You’ll notice it when you put on this dress, it’s no different, you can feel it immediately, this Aloha Spirit. You are not a fan of clothes? this is not bad, colorful shirts and jackets have the same effect. The Tunnika is still in high demand. It is an optimal solution for hot summers and cooler transitional phases. If you want to keep the Hawaiian look, then stay with the usual patterns. In addition, the flower patterns on the mostly very transparent substances prevent undesirable visions. But it does not always have to be colorful. Also singled prints look great, here times a large hibiscus bloom and there a conspicuous Hawaiian lettering. Also this can make your outfit Hawaii fit. In the colors you should orientate on your favorite colors and not always necessarily to the current trend make sure that the outfit really meets your taste and you can wear it even longer than a season.

The Hawaiian look for men

The men, of course, do not want to be in the rear, even if the selection is not so great. Ok, even if I have not spoken so positively about the Hawaii shirts, you can wear them anyway. It does not have to be the same brightly colorful specimens. And also in the choice of the pattern you should prove a nose. Go according to what you like and do not just blindly buy a shirt, just because it is just near you and looking for beach. T-shirts are slightly discreet, they are also more versatile and can flash out as a colorful detail on even more unstable days under the jacket or the shirt.

Shorts with big colorful motifs are also nothing new, straight Badeshorts with these motives are very popular. But be careful, this summer a small twist is taking place: it becomes figurbetonter. In other words, the colorful, floral patterns will continue to be found. In addition, this summer also intensified shorter and more enchanting bathes. They no longer reach into the thighs, but end up on the thigh. What is important is that she does not mix the patterns. Have you found great shorts that will give you a feeling of vacation?Super, but please bear the then not together with other large-area patterns. Because, even if this Hawaii feeling is so great, by a wild pattern mix it can quickly be expelled again.;)

3. Accessories for your Hawaiian look

The accessories are also very important when it comes to the Hawaiian look. What is now in the clothing in is, of course, also in the accessories again. Both men and women can now give their feet a little air in colorful flip flops. You feel almost like at the white sand beach. If there is something more everyday, you will also find sneakers or pumps in this look. They also come well through gray regentage. Sun glasses are an absolute must, not only from the point of view of fashion, but to protect your eyes. This year, pilots’ glasses for men and Cateye glasses for women are again the absolute favorites of the fashion scene. With the colors you are spoiled for choice. But it is good if you can match them to your remaining outfit and the color of the spectacle frame, for example, reappears in the T-shirt. We women can still adorn us with a few flowers, for example in brooch form. This can be attached to the shirt, dress or pocket. And in the hair still a bright summer flower. Your Hawaii look is ready.

And, do you feel him? This Hawaii Spirit? Then I wish you a wonderful summer day.