How to Apply Wall Stickers

Glue sticker for the first time probably asking yourself whether it is a difficult task and worry whether you have done. We promise that after this short tutorial you will be able to stick themselves even big sticker, and if then still remains little concern certainly with the help of a friend will handle 100%. The stickers come to you ready for bonding, as in the kit has included a plastic card with which to slick film. The sticker is covered with liners that both protects it and helps you stick the whole application on the wall without wrinkles and damage. The stickers are designed for bonding on different surfaces – smooth walls, glass, metal, smooth furniture, plastic, bathroom tiles, glazed ceramics.

How to Apply Wall Stickers?
  1. Before placing the sticker on a window, wall or other surface, make sure that there is no dust and other contaminants. Remove unevenness, clean the surface with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Reference:

* If you can stick a sticker on the freshly painted walls, wait at least two weeks to dry.

  1. Before you attach the sticker put the foil in place, determine the exact location and if necessary measure with a tape measure and mark with a pencil the edges.

* If the sticker is composed of several parts need to cut individual elements of the film and appliqué shape of your design.

  1. Place the sticker on a hard flat surface with transport foil on top. Press firmly using a plastic card, passing through the surface of the entire sticker. This is done to make sure that the sticker is stuck well to transport foil.
  1. Using a tape masking tape fix the top of the sticker on the selected location. Tape must be captured part of the transport foil.
  1. Hold both upper end of the paper back on the sticker and start gently pulling down. Thus peel off the sticker from the back and he remained glued to transport foil. Peel off slowly while watching if some parts of the sticker does not remain glued to the back. If this happens just go back up a little and push the card so that the sticker can be stuck for transport foil.
  1. After pulling 15-20cm from the back using a plastic card start rubbing on the transport foil to stick wall decals. The movements must be top down and from the middle to the edges, as this will avoid folding sticker and keeping air underneath. If you still get wrinkles can peel off gently and smooth. Read more on
  1. Repeat the procedure with pulling and bonding until remove the paper backing and stick the entire sticker on the wall. If you feel confident you can pull in large parts of the back, and if you have an assistant can remove the entire backup at once as one of you holds two lower end of the transport foil 4-5cm from the wall, pulling it down and the other with sticks the plastic card.
  1. Once you remove the back and stick the entire sticker push the card several times throughout the area to secure bonding. Do not be afraid to press hard – liners is tight.
  1. Hold both upper end of the transport film and start carefully pasted down, holding it tight and as close to the wall. Movement should be vertically downwards, but not to you, which will prevent the sticker pasted on the wall. However, watch for parts of the sticker remaining in transport foil. If this happens simply back up a little foil and rub the card to stick well to the wall and continue to unstick the complete removal of the transport foil.
  1. In some cases it may be necessary to stick the parts after you stuck base sticker. For ease of fitting they use completely transparent liners.
  1. Once the sticker is fully adhered can use an ordinary household hair dryer to heat it up slightly and press again with the card to stick better. This step is necessary only if you attach the sticker on a cold wall or in a damp room. Be careful with the heat because the sticker is made of PVC foil and easily melts. Be careful also with the pressure of the card, especially on thin strips because the sticker may break.