How to be Stylish in Clothes as a Pregnant Women

Aarhus is one of the towns in Denmark, which has the lowest average age – in other words, there are extremely many young people in the city, both young men and young women. And with the right clothes you can get fast contact with these women as a man!

How to be Stylish in Clothes as a Pregnant Women

A couple of really good shorts, t-shirt, shoes and accessories are introduced to you.

Maternity Shorts

Denim shorts that go a little above the knee are going through a period of true success. It is the pants you have on at the moment, both in bad and good weather.

A few pairs of shorts are selected for you, which have delicious effects and slim fit form. Take these on with the right t-shirt and/or shirt, and you are as good as sure success.

Keep in mind that it is absolutely forbidden to have anything other than ankle socks on for this type of shorts. Sneakers, delicious shorts and white tennis socks just don’t go well together!


Maternity Shirts

Per writing shines the sun and there is a little over 20 degrees outside, a few hundred meters from the Centre of Aarhus. In other words, it is one of those days when it’s worth taking a shirt on to one’s delicious shorts!

It’s summer, so for Aarhus-outfit, a summery shirt is offered to you, they are on offer right now! Butter the sleeves a little up, combine with the right shorts and shoes, and then you have a super fat outfit with this shirt. The shirt is made in cotton, and you have selected muscles after a winter in the gym, it becomes very easy to see with this shirt.

If the temperature drops, you can easily have a t-shirt inside during this long-sleeve shirt and thereby avoid issues prepared by the art.


Maternity Shoes


Sneakers. There is just nothing under and next to nothing compared to a summer outfit. The only barely so lucky is that the shoes are half peppery in relation to how long they keep – but to look good, is not something that comes for free.

A few pairs of sneakers in blue are selected that suits both your shirt and your new shorts.


Maternity sneakers in blue.

The white in-blue contrast looks really good out, along with other denim and blue tinted shirts. Keep in mind that the best sneakers are your friend, when it begins to rain – so the sea just a few slightly heavier shoes in stock like boots.


Maternity Accessories

Now it gets really exciting!

Most can take a pair of shorts, a shirt and sneakers in. But what separate the chaff from the wheat are their accessories. Including suggestions for you who live in Aarhus:

How brave are you? These sunglasses cannot be worn by anyone and everyone, but those who can, in turn, husbands. The sunglasses cost no more than 150kr.

A snapback hat does not make your summer style makes worse. With the outfit above, you end up with to be very blue – so here add a little orange contrast!


Do you have any other suggestions? Write in a comment below!