How to Buy a Mens Suit

For some men the suit is mandatory daily wear. For others, the only significant occasions. But every man he had to wear a suit at least a few times in your life.

Therefore, below we will show you some simple signs for the perfect male silhouette.

Can you guess the man with the perfect line?

When you measure suit, borrow upright position. Can it not always be your natural, but to determine whether the suit is just your size, upright posture is very important. Right silhouette is definitely not for men should wear suits. If you like the line on the left suit can continue reading.

Shoulder: It has to be right and stretched. The seam must be the same length as the bone below it and to be united with the sleeve exactly where starting hand.

If the stitching, hanging down, curl or lift will also see the wrinkles on his sleeve and top coat.

Inappropriate line shoulder spoils the whole silhouette.

Lapels: When you need your suit to be fastened, the line lapel is very important. Both parties should be free to flap and buttons to fasten without tension. When buttoned buttons should not have any wrinkles.Hanging forward lapels talk about too big suit and wrinkles around the buttons too close. Light hole at the bottom of the suit is acceptable, but should not be seen triangular piece of your shirt over pants / except when you move.

And be very careful about uncomfortable X – shaped tension, a sure sign of a small size.

Cuff shirt: The “Centimeter and a half” was too old-fashioned. Modern trends tend to shorten this distance and more are about 1 cm. Of course it should not be vmanyachavate so this 1 cm. But the sleeve of his jacket, in no case should be above cuff shirt or cover it completely. In all cases less than the cuff should be visible.

Pay attention to wrinkles and holes in the top of the sleeve – it’s not your size.

As the helical corrugations of the outer side of the sleeve. They create the illusion of unpleasant twisted sleeve.

The length of the jacket: It is important more than allowed. An ideal coat must fall smoothly around the waist and ends just below the end of the curve formed by the buttocks and thigh. Must comply with the length of the arm, reaching the beginning of the fingers.

Collar: collar jacket must not rest against the collar of his shirt, which in turn must not rest against your neck and back without tension or gaps between them.

The seat of the pants: In rear pants must be smooth and falls smoothly and freely. Horizontal creases are caused by too narrow trousers and free U-shaped folds, extending to the hips are indicative of greater than your size.

Pants cuff: cuff should fall to its full length and make contact with the shoe as a light and soft fold is admissible. Any other length is taboo.

And last council, but not least. If you do not easily find exactly your perfect suit, not blame, you are not the cause. This means that this suit is not about your body, it deserves something better. The discrepancies usually lie in the basic structure of the cut. You need to arm yourself with patience and try different costumes or brands until you find exactly your silhouette. And you can serve and the services of a good tailor who can make the necessary adjustments already like you.