How to Buy Life Jackets for My Fishing?

Fishing on the boat is an adrenaline that many fishermen love it. So that everything runs without concerns is important to preserve your safety, so you can focus only on the fish you will catch. The life jacket is an item indispensable in time to separate everything that will be taken to the fishery and if you still don’t have is time to invest in it. Learn how to buy life vest and have more security in the fishery.

Prefer approved vests

The first thing that must be observed at the time of buy the life vest is if he is approved by the Navy of Brazil. When the vest has the security he underwent a series of tests that ensure your effectiveness so much in performance as in resistance.

Some life vest for recreation do not have the approval of the Navy and this happens because they are designated only for floating, being used on the beach or places of calm water and just as a precaution. So, should be left aside if the fishery is on the open sea.

Note the area where the fishery will be made

The life jackets are divided into classes for specific areas. For fishermen, the ideal is to choose among the class II and III. The life jackets to class II comprise the open sea navigation, and can be found in the traditional model, known as orange cover, and in the template lab coat, like a jacket, being more comfortable. Already the life jackets to class III are meant for navigation in calm water like rivers and lakes.

Attention to the size

Pay attention to the size of the cut, so that it works perfectly. The lifejackets are found the PP size to GG, being tested in people up to 150 kg. Note on the inside of the piece the size specification and that she understands weight, making the choice according to your measurements.

The PP size to be used by children up to 25 kg, P size ensures children from 25 to 35 kg, already the size M comprises of 35 to 55 kg, size G for your time ensures people 55 to 110 kg and people over 110 kg should use the GG.

Try the vest

The life vest must be adjusted perfectly to your body, so that if some incident happens to function as expected. So, if possible, before closing the purchase, try your lifejacket and see if the adjustment tapes are troubling.

Note that when you sit down if the life vest don’t bother on the legs and do the test too pull him by the shoulders watching pass the height of the ears, because if that happens, he will not be effective at the time of use. If buy online, do this as soon as you get to ensure that everything will be as expected.

Good options of lifejacket

The model of life vest Cover of Active tag can be found from the PP to the GG being approved by the Navy. They whistle and guarantee perfect fit, as well as affordable price.

Already the Neoprene life jacket Ativa fall protection ensures strong G being sold to GG. Also features Navy approval.

Know how buy life vest for your fishing will ensure more security in leisure time, avoiding accidents. In this way, you can focus on getting the fish you want. Use the comments to take your questions and share ideas.

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