How to Care for a Leather Bag

The leather bag is a really stylish accessory that puts us in value, but you have to take care!

On the spoils, they treat him and feeds him to keep it shining! Follow our good ideas to take care of your handbag in leather!

A handbag that does not deform

A nice leather handbag deserves to be spoiled so that it keeps its superb, as AviationOpedia says.  So we took care to place it on a shelf rather than suspend it. Place it carefully and try to keep its shape. To store the long leather bag, lay out old pieces of fabric so that it does not deform. Thus stored, you can keep it for long. When you wear it, do not put too heavy objects or may distort the leather. It is not necessary to take on totally unnecessary things. So not only is thought to take care of her bag, but it also relieves her back!Make your selection in the different types of leather handbags to choose one that fits you best. Play on models for a more personal and original look!

A leather bag spotless

Like your leather bag but it is stained? Do not panic ! We have solutions for you to be able to clean and remove the stain with ease. If this is a recent water stain, act immediately by drying your bag with a clean, dry cloth. Make sure the fabric of the cloth is plain and colorless, to prevent it disgorged on your leather bag. Gently dab your bag and use a little glycerin to spend on the spot. However, if the water stain is older, we take a cleansing milk and a bit of white wine vinegar. With cotton, pass the mixture in a circular motion over the entire leather insisting lightly over the stain. To prevent the purse stain again, weather-tight with a suitable product. So the water will bead on the purse rather than penetrate deeply, and it will avoid staining the leather.

Tips and tricks for a radiant handbag

Here are various tips to ensure a leather bag always so beautiful! Do not expose your handbag in the sun as it may dry out and crack. The sun is not a friend of leather! To take care of your leather bag, always choose products suited to the treatment of this matter. Other products can cause even greater damage. When you anoint you in the morning, do not spray in your bag, as it may be stained or altered by the alcohol in perfume. And for quick cleaning, use a soft cloth with a little talcum powder. Spend it on the entire purse and you will find the bright and beautiful leather. We love the leather bag and cares! This is an essential accessory to showcase our holding and we love the different styles of bags to suit each of our outfits !