How to Change a Bike Tire

Bicycling is relaxing and pleasant but the risk of punctures, unfortunately, is always around the corner. With this guide I will explain how to repair and/or change the air bladder and/or gum can allocate for your route. If you go into bike to make long journeys I highly recommend you carry a repair kit that will allow you to intervene on site allowing you to avoid the risk of being afoot.

If you are at home and you don’t need a Quick repair kit, the first thing to do if you happen to end up with a flat tire, you make sure it’s a puncture and not a loss: start by checking the valve. Spin the wheel so that it faces upwards, remove the stopper and immerse the valve in a glass with water if you see bubbles appear it means that the valve has to be replaced, otherwise you have to figure out what caused the blowout. Then examines the tire for any nails or broken glass and mark their position.

For replacement put the bike upside down, so that it rests on the saddle and the handlebar, unscrew the nut that holds the valve and push, the latter, toward the inside of the circle. Now enter the appropriate levers between Tyre and rim and begins to remove the tire. Once removed, take out the air Chamber, only bump and put it in a container with water. This will help you easily identify the hole by air bubbles that will form at the same. Dries the air Chamber and marks the exact point of the hole with a permanent marker. Finally cover the area of the hole with a special patch making sure to sprinkle with TALC to avoid going to adhere to the inside of the tire. The advises you to be careful when replacing bike tire lights.

Before replacing the air Chamber passes check that inside the tire there is no residue, if the latter is visually damaged should replace it as soon as possible. To reassemble, place the valve of the air Chamber at the opening on the circle and after inserting tighten the fixing nut and push the valve PIN. Swollen at this point, not much, the air Chamber and insert it between rim and tyre. Finally all you have to do is push the tire inside the circle and end up inflating the air bladder. Now you can get on your bike and continue your trip!.