How to Choose a Leather Wallet

A leather wallet is one of the accessories of all the most commonly used days.

Every day, the vast majority of people use it for storing all kinds of personal items.

Driving license through the banknotes to credit cards. This is why opting for a leather portfolio has a number of advantages.
What is important to know is that there are a variety of different styles of leather wallets available.

In this guide, we’ll give you the information you need to choose your portfolio.
You will recognize the benefits of using a leather portfolio, various types of portfolios available, what distinguishes them, as well as useful information on what to look for when buying a portfolio.

The advantages of using a leather wallet

Portfolios can be made in all sorts of different materials, including nylon, canvas, faux leather and plastic.
However, a genuine leather portfolio will offer you superior qualities in terms of durability, convenience, comfort and of style.

Durability of a leather wallet

Because a portfolio is an object that is generally used and opened several times a day, it is important that it is strong and durable, able to withstand constant stress.

The leather wallets offer flexibility and give multiple different possibilities for storage of your cards and tickets.
The leather is a sturdy material that is waterproof and breathable qualities naturally.

It is designed to resist moisture and heat, deformation and stuck in the bottom of a purse, backpack or pants pocket, or to be thrown into the back seat of a car.

A leather wallet for convenience

Because a leather wallet is more durable than those made of other materials, they are able to carry more items without letting go of you. A leather portfolio will keep its shape over time. It is able to stretch sufficiently to allow some margin for increases its content without that it will not deform excessively or tear.

Comfort of a leather wallet

Leather is a material that is flexible and relatively soft. In our shop, our craftsmen ensure use a noble leather, not rectified and providing unique comfort. A leather portfolio will offer you a comfortable feeling when you carry it.

Whether in a trouser pocket, side pocket jacket, in a purse or in her own as substitution bag if the model is a little great.

Combine quality and style

A leather wallet is undoubtedly a stylish accessory. For many, their portfolio is more than a useful feature, it is a fashion statement. Many people, men and women, consider their portfolio is a part of their everyday attire.

Often a wallet reflects the personality of a person, and a leather purse is almost as much a statement of the look of the person himself. A leather wallet can transmit classical sophistication, it can boast the style of the latest fashion season, or it may reflect the fact that you are class and distinguished.

I. The different types of leather wallets

You will find in our store a wide range of leather wallets at, all different from each other. Each is designed to carry items shape or different size. This therefore includes the reasons they have, for example, or the color of the leather. But they are distinguished mainly by their size and how to fold them in two broad categories.

Portfolio twofold
portfolio in two parts is the most common model portfolios available. It is designed to transport bank notes and credit cards. One of the two components is usually designed to insert credit cards. Tickets are in turn stored horizontally in the upper opening. However, many folding portfolios into two parts do not have a coin pocket, although some still have a small zip or button closure pressure for containing a few coins. Otherwise go for the small set including a mini purse here.Moreover, it is perfect for those who like to keep in the back pocket of their pants because they are relatively flat.
Portfolio 3 shutters
This is almost similar to the bifurcated model, except that it folds into thirds. Credit cards are stored vertically. These types of portfolios may or may not also have a coin pocket. These portfolios are smaller in size, but can be larger than their counterparts in two parts. It is therefore already slightly more complicated to fit into a pants pocket or a small bag.

II. What to look for when choosing a leather wallet

Generally, you have to buy a leather wallet that you find convenient to use, comfortable to carry and comfortable to hold.This purchase is a long term investment on an article that will be used several times a day. When choosing your leather wallet, it is important to consider the style, functionality and cost.

What will he serve
Secondly, you will be able to identify what their new leather wallet will be used for.
A woman who likes to carry a lot of credit cards, store cards, bank cards and ID cards in his wallet can find a broad portfolio clip of much use.

In contrast, a person wishing to have their hands free would prefer a two-tier model, convenient to keep in your pocket, then opt for a portfolio cards or checkbook holder in addition.

To summarize everything we told you earlier, what is important to remember is that even if the initial cost is generally higher, invest in a real leather wallet can save you your time in the long term and money.

A leather portfolio will offer durability, comfort and an undeniable convenience.
It can also reflect your love of beautiful things and the elegant side in you.
As you now know, there are a variety of portfolios available in our e-shop.

Before making a purchase, it is important for you to identify what you expect from your new purchase to suit your needs.
Once you have identified this type of portfolio that will meet your requirements in terms of size and storage you’ll be able to narrow your search by choosing the color and pattern that will correspond best to your style.