How To Choose And Install His Bike Lights?

Fire flashing or fixed?

Some lights include lights that can be passed from the fixed mode to flashing mode. The flashing mode allows to attract the gaze of the other road users, in addition to having more autonomy. For example: a fire in flashing mode will have a battery life of 4 hours against 2 hours in continuous mode.

Attention: a rear light not flashing and fixed is obligatory according to the law. However, this fire can be doubled by a light flashing, for even more visibility.

What lights to be original?

Lights to attract the attention of other users of the road by their originality. Wheels MonkeyLight for example, lights ensure visibility of the rider on 360 °, thanks to the ultra-lumineuses color LED. Several themes and colors to choose depending on the model and its desires:

Choose a fire according to the power supply

In what cases can we choose fires dynamos?

The dynamo is a magnet generator which transforms the force exerted on the pedals in electricity. So it works without battery and battery thanks to the effort made by the cyclist. It is a very good choice for regular use of a city or touring bike. The benefits include: unlimited range, modest, reliable weight. There are two types of dynamo:

  • Classic dynamo by friction on the rear wheel, and more precisely on the sidewall of the tire. It is the oldest, and the most classic system and often the least expensive and most universal because it adapts to almost all bikes.
  • dynamo placed on the hub of the front wheel. It provides a powerful lighting, despite a loss of energy, and resists rain and wind. It requires less effort but that weighs down the bike, which can scare the most athletic.

Attention: the autonomy can stop when the cyclist pedal more. To keep a little light during the downtime, it is possible to install a capacitor. The latter takes over as soon as the bike stops. This increases the visibility of the bicycle and thus the safety of the rider.

Itypeauto recommends: [fire before 50 Lux Lumotec Eyc more Busch Muller] – [taillight of downturn on dynamo Brakete TopLight Plus]

Fire battery, the right choice?

Be equipped with a fire with classic battery is a good choice when driving bit (2 to 3 times a week). It is the simplest lighting but it has limited autonomy.

You can also choose lights that operate with rechargeable batteries. In addition they will have less negative impact on the environment. It takes about 20-40 h use to pay them off completely.

We recommend: [before Pop II Knog fire taillight Pop R Knog] – [front and rear lights QL 261 and 262 Q-Lite]

Caution: do not get screwed at the end of cycle: we can find in the dark at the end of his journey, because of the power of the lights falling with the duration of use.

By battery rechargeable lights: lights green and sustainable?

By battery rechargeable lights are excellent solutions for cyclists who ride on a daily basis (more trips from 1 h to 4 h). It is recommended to invest in a model with battery, especially if you regularly borrow poorly lit roads. These are for the most part of fires without battery 2 in 1 which ensure the visibility of the cyclist as well as having little impact on the environment. There are several types of rechargeable lights:

  • Feux with loading battery

We recommend: [solar-powered taillight] – [front crank light]-[light before 300 lumens loading USB Ultratorch]

Attention with the rechargeable lights by battery don’t get you completely in the dark when the fire gets end-of-charge.

  • Feux with loading by magnets

We recommend: [Reelight SL120 on axes of wheels]

Rechargeable bicycle lights on battery of electric bicycle

Some bike lights are specially designed to adapt to the EAB, electric bikes. These lights are feeding through the battery of electric bicycle. This is the case of fires for the Busch and Muller brand e-bike.

  • VAE headlights

Bike before specially designed for VAE lights connect to batteries of 6 to 42 volts. Note that it is preferable to opt for batteries of big brand as Bosch or Shimano because of Chinese-made batteries can play on the functioning of the fire. These lights are powerful with 40, 50, or 80 Lux. Before Busch and Müller bicycle lights have the IQ – Tec (IQ and IQ2 IQ Premium) technology that reduces the loss of visibility through a prism that expands the light beam of the LED on the sides.

We recommend: [electric bike IQ Avy E Busch and Müller headlight] – [fire electric bike IQ2 Eyc E Busch and Muller]-[beacon Lumotec IQ Cyo E-bike Premium 6 – 42V battery]

  • VAE fires back

Busch and Muller brand rear bike lights plug into VAE of 5-15 V DC batteries. With LEDs and Linetec technology, they bring high visibility because the brightness is scattered light band. Installed on door luggage or mudguards.

We recommend: [TopLight E Busch and M electric bike rack rear light] – [Secula E Busch and Muller electric bike mud guard rear light]

Choose a fire according to the brand

Busch and Müller bicycle lights

This German brand is known in the field of quality bicycle lights. Their flagship high-performance are more innovative.

  • technologies Busch Müller

The lights have virtually all of LEDs that have a light intensity between 20 to 90 lux depending on the model and the technology associated with:

-The Lumotec technology lights: light between 20-30 lux for the Classic and Lyt ranges.

-Lumotec IQ technology lights: light between 30-80 lux for the Avy, Fly and Cyo ranges.

-The Lumotec IQ2 technology lights: lighting between 50-90 lux to the Eyc and Luxos ranges.

The most powerful lighthouse in this range is the Luxos U 90 lux which has the Lumotec IQ2 technology with a ray of light 90 lux, and a reflector for even more visibility.

  • the ‘ dynamo-powered

Another notable quality of the brand is feeding on dynamo. Indeed, the Busch & Müller dynamo can quickly reach the full luminous power of 6V / 3 W as soon as the cyclist to 10 km/h.

  • function Litch24

According to the model, the fire can own the Litch24 function. With this technology, fire emits two different light beams to fit best for outdoor lighting. This passage between these two modes of lighting is done automatically through sensors Senso:

-Day mode activates full day, dusk or night in well-lit streets.

-Night mode activates on poorly lit roads and even in total darkness. It offers a bright wide field to best facilitate the conduct and to ensure the safety of the rider.

Fire the most complete: IQ – X

One of the latest of the brand, the Lumotec IQ – X fire. This fire includes all major technologies developed by the brand: Litch24, IQ-X-Tec for a light intensity of 100 lux. Besides the futuristic look of the fire with its rounded shape and its aluminum shell gives it a look very trendy.

Available in 2 colors: [Lumotec IQ – X silver – Lumotec IQ – X Black]

Moon bike lights

The Moon brand offers traffic quality for the safety of cyclists. Perpetual innovation, their product range is based on powerful and completely watertight lighting. Most are equipped with an internal rechargeable battery via a USB cable.

Fires before Moon

Comet X Pro: 120 lumens – 1 LED white COB – 7 modes of brightness (with Memory function) – installation on the handlebars – lithium battery rechargeable by USB plug – autonomy from 1:30 to 21:30 (according to the methods used) – indicator of charge.

Moon Meteor: 250 lumens – 1 LED – 6 brightness modes (standard, powerful, full-beam, strobe, flash, SOS) – installation on the helmet or handlebar – lithium rechargeable by USB plug battery – running 8 h (depending on the time of load) – charge indicator.

Moon LX-360: 360 lumen – 1 LED – 7 brightness modes (Ultra powerful, powerful, Standard, low, Fash, Stoboscope, SOS.) – installation on the helmet or handlebar – lithium battery Samsung rechargeable by USB port – running 12 h (depending on the time of load) – charge indicator.

The rear lights Moon

Moon Comet X Pro: 40 lumens – 1 LED COB Red – 7 modes of brightness (including memory and autosafe mode) – installation on the shrouds, or on the stem/saddle rails – lithium rechargeable by USB plug battery – autonomy 6 h (depending on the time of load) – indicator of charge.