How to Choose Bedding for Children?

When selecting children’s bed linen for babies and toddlers must be followed whit different rules than what you’re used to when choosing a classic bed linen to his bed. On baby bedding is a greater emphasis on quality, material properties, size and many other aspects.

Properties of children’s bed linen

Baby bedding designed for blankets and pillows should have maximum absorbency and breathability material to the child during sleep, sweating and then nenachladilo.

Material children’s bed linen

When buying children’s bedding, avoid materials that could cause a child after prolonged contact allergy or a rash. Choose therefore primarily from natural materials. The most suitable material for children’s bed linen is a classic cotton. Cotton sheets is in fact the baby’s skin comfortable, does not cause any skin allergies and can be washed at higher temperatures.

Turning children’s bed linen

If you have smaller children, choose bedding with zipper or Velcro. Are also suitable foundation sheets that have no closure, but are designed so that the folded fabric through a blanket and pillow linens inside a nicely kept.

Dimensions of children’s bed linen

Even before choosing a baby bedding for a security measure to avoid incorrectly selected dimensions. For children’s bed linen which is intended for the cot, blanket is most often available with dimensions of 130 x 90 cm and a pillow measuring 60 x 45 cm.

The appearance of children’s bed linen

The appearance of children’s bedding is also important. In order to better child fell asleep and felt comfortable, it’s good to get a crib baby bedding with various motifs or abstract images (eg. With pictures of animals, cars, characters from cartoons, soap operas, fairy tales etc.). Nowadays, these sheets market wealth. If the child is grown-up, do not be afraid to ask him what sheets would have liked.

Maintaining children’s bed linen

Baby bedding must be very good, because it will require more frequent washing. Take therefore only baby bedding, which is easily washable.

Linens before first use

If you already selected and made for your child appropriate baby bedding, be sure to remember before using to wash.