How to Choose Nursing Bras

Some more experienced moms will say never use an article like that and didn’t need. Truth. But when the universe of future moms can become easier, why not eh? Some products were actually made to facilitate the lives of mothers before and after childbirth, and one of them is the breastfeeding bra.

How to Choose Nursing Bras

Some women even don’t know the article, but it is quite simple. It must be used while the wife is at the stage of lactation instead of any other bra. The difference is that it opens only the portion of the pad, allowing the breast to show the child without removing the whole bra. Some mom readers surely have done the juggling to lift her shirt and removing the bra to breastfeed without using this accessory, much more practical.

The main advantage of the part is still the comfort of its use. She wears very well, especially because the fabric tends to be more flexible to ensure good rinses. Also it has a built-in support in the bilge for leaks, quite common among pregnant women after breast feeding. If you didn’t know the item, maybe it’s time to pay a visit to


The product price is a little higher given its necessity.

It needs to be made of harder material and withstand several washes, not always the hand because mom does not have that much time available. The value of each item goes from Brl 30 to 90 R$, depend on a bit of fame.


Lingerie stores sell the product commonly. But to find most beloved brands for pregnant women and good materials, search in your city for specific stores for lactating women. There are also some online sites selling and home delivery is a good thing but also thinking about comfort.

Some online stores offer the product for purchase and getting home. The value can come out a little high for only one product, so try to find virtual coupons and order more than one item for those who know how to get free shipping.

And when the milk leaks out, what to do?

One of the most common problems between the lactating is the leak after breast-feeding. Several factors are the cause, sometimes just too much emotion from mom who raises hand and she ends up leaking on clothing. You can’t hide a lot. There is forgiveness for being new mother, but is not legal for the visual.

A good tip is to choose the thicker, firmer breastfeeding bras. The padded bulges are a great tip for those who have constant leaks. The thicker, the better. Use wipes of tissue inside the pad helps prevent the milk right through the fabric. There is also the use of over-the-top bra, helping in support and even avoiding milk leaking for the shirt. When in doubt, take a sweater before.

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