How to Choose Quality Bed Linens


The term “bedding”, means a set of fabric elements which serve to “dress up” our bed and make it comfortable and welcoming. The choice of linen for the bed should focus on quality fabrics because when it comes to choosing something that will be used for a good period of time allowed, no compromises. Some will seem a little pricey but if it will affect the quality of our sleep, it is money well spent. Let’s see how to choose quality bed linen, suitable for every season and in harmony with the décor of the room.

When buying bed linen we must consider numerous factors, which is the size of the sheets, the material and the color of the fabric. First, we think the size of bed and mattress, distinguishing between one and half double, or single, as well as the smaller sizes for baby cots. We will have to buy a pillowcase for pillows, mattress covers, bedding or duvet covers and bedspreads. Depending on the season, we’ll have to add one or more blankets and down, to keep the heat inside, also you may want to purchase an extra mattress for mattress, to be placed under one where we sleep, and a cover of hygienic. We can then add decorative plaid or for extra pillows as an ornament of the bed.

The choice of the type of fiber is important, every kind of material has specific characteristics and should be used in different situations. Cotton and linen are the fabrics used most commonly, fresh and light, are perfect for any season, particularly organic fibres. Among the finest textiles we silk, light on the skin and hot, particularly expensive. The sheets are most suitable for the winter season are those sweatshirts, wool or flannel, combined with wool rugs always or a padded jacket. For the Topper antiseptic cotton, absorbent sponge is often used and insulation.

The choice of color and fantasy on the linen is very personal and is linked to their taste and style of the bedroom. Classic traditional colors are white, easy to maintain and clean, and pastels, perhaps with ornamental borders on the flap. Vintage rooms are perfect hand-embroidered or printed with romantic ones. Most contemporary rooms are pointing much about bright colors and solid or filled with geometric shapes and vivid details.


Never forget:

  • Using different laundry depending on season

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