How To Choose Safe Toys For Children

Accidents occur frequently, and it is common for children to become intoxicated, suffer suffocation  or cuts. It is therefore imperative that parents buy toys that are suitable for their children’s age, are purchased in the established trade, read packaging labels carefully, and avoid toys with pieces that are too small. Dr. Katherin Falck, Quality Medical Manager at HELP, gives some recommendations on this.

“The most frequent accidents that occur are cuts with some short stabbing of the toy, intoxications from the intake of some dangerous substance, such as paints, or complications from the introduction of small pieces in the mouth, nose and ears,” explains the specialist.

What to look for when buying a toy?

The recommendation from BehealthybyTomorrow is to acquire toys in the established trade, as this provides guarantees of compliance, according to the rules in force in Chile. It is also very important to check the labeling that comes in the packaging, especially the safety, and only choose those that are indicated for the age that has the child who will use it.

Dr. Katherin Falck delivers the following recommendations:

Avoid toys with very long strings, because the child could hang himself while playing

Do not give away items containing toxic substances, such as cosmetics or painted wood

Do not give children under 3 years old toys that have pieces small enough so that they can be ingested. It is recommended to do the practical test of checking that the object does not fit on a roll of toilet paper

Check that the battery compartment is tightly closed, to prevent the child from removing them and bringing them to their mouths

Before the child starts playing, bags and/or wrapping that may be dangerous should be removed.