How to Choose the Book of Pregnant Women

Got pregnant, and is already planning to do a book? You entered the right site, prepare an article full of professional tips so you know how to choose a perfect book. You can choose to do a book with a professional photographer or if you prefer is easy inspiration and make the photos on your own home with the help of Dad, sisters, friends and anyone else who wants to help. Yes, pregnancy is a unique moment in the lives of women and therefore deserves the record.The photos are very important memories you’ll carry for the rest of his life. Carry out a photographic essay of pregnant women is a way to register the key moments of pregnancy.

Please Book Between 30 And 36 Weeks

The suggestion of professional photographers is the ideal time to make the book of pregnancy is between the seventh and the eighth month, when your stomach is already pretty round and protruding, but the woman is still not so bloated. If you want to make the book, set to shoot between the 30a. and the 36th. week of gestation.

Wardrobe Tips For Pregnant Book

The main purpose of a photo shoot for pregnant women is, to show their bellies. Therefore, tops, bikinis, boleros and jackets are always welcome. Not always used clothes need to be precisely to pregnant women. You can bring home parts that used to use before you get pregnant, as jackets, gowns and blouses also that button in front. for example according to PETSINCLUDE.

Dresses and long skirts fall neatly into a book for pregnant women, both in the photos in the Studio, as also in the made on location. In case of outdoor shots, we recommend a stronger color, or stamped, so the pregnant woman not “short” on the set. The accessories are very important, in the case of pregnant women, we recommend necklaces that are not too long, that is, not cover the belly, earrings for those who like hair stuck and bracelets and several rings, because the hands appear in the pictures.

Make A Smooth Makeup

The makeup must be very smooth, just really corrective. If you’re only going to take pictures of whole body, can appear several differences in skin tone (between the face and the neck, for example). You may need to hide some unwanted stretch marks on my stomach. If you have the vertical line in the middle of the belly, show without being afraid. She is a registered trademark of gestation. For hair, make at most a brush, not to get too artificial. The idea is that you are beautiful, but very natural.

Outdoor Photos

Most women opt for outdoor photos and always stay satisfied with photo sessions made outdoors: on the beach, in a park, among other places. Of course everything depends on what the photographer agrees to do. But the outdoor shots tend to be much more natural that made in the Studio. Outdoor shots are a great idea for when the photographer who will make the photos is not professional. Prefer the early morning and late afternoon for the most beautiful light conditions.

What Can Affect A Pregnancy Book Test?

A book can be flawlessly even with rain, that the compromise is the father or to mother in a hurry to finish the shoot, not be ready psychologically due to other problems, moodiness, among others. The couple or the woman require counting days for the photo shoot, is fundamental as marriage, you need to be happy, you have to want the photos well worked and have pretty easy to leave a wonderful book.