How to Choose the Right Mens Suit

Because of the different structures of the male body suit has at least 54 silhouette. If they add 11 sizes and 3 growths numbers possible combinations of patterns become 1782. Due to the huge number each firm specializes in specific shapes, but always at least 11 the number and size growths three groups.

Construction of the Suit

A good men’s suit from extrareference fits the body like a glove. But sewing male costume is relatively complicated and only a true master, with enough experience can do it perfectly. The costumes consist of a jacket, vest (optional), trousers, shirt and tie (optional). The jacket may be single-breasted or double-breasted buttoning it depends on the man’s body. Buttoning is more common because it is suitable for almost all figures. Double-breasted buttoning look good on higher and weak men.

The costume can be sewn to measure or series made ​​in standard form. These made-to-measure fit perfectly in the figure, hide flaws and highlight the advantages. They, of course, are the most expensive. Clothing is less expensive, but that designers are already working with many kinds of patterns tailored to the different structures of the male body, they can not approach the quality offered by a costume in action.

The suit is perhaps the most important and indispensable part of the wardrobe of stylish men.Each of them knows that there must be at least one classic suit in action. Good costumes are quality investment fit perfectly and are comfortable, and that can not happen with rented.Every man is more or less unique structure of the body and must comply with it.

Man in Samples

• If your jacket is slightly loose and relaxed hands manage to grab the hem him, this is certainly your size. But remember that the sleeves should gracefully ending at the base of the wrist and bend coincide with the center of the shoulder joint. This will avoid the feeling of tightness in movement. In the balanced jacket collar to fit neck lapels – the body and emphasized waist gives a stylish look, even when more complete figures. If you’re the latter, it is desirable to opt for models with two slots. Do not believe the seller if trying to convince you that the jacket can be converted.Without the original proportions set design, it will lose its original appearance and comfort.
• Adjustments in trousers are available in width and length, after selecting the appropriate jacket. The distance between the waist and belt should be two finger length reaches to the middle of the heel and front rests with refraction.
• The costume can be made ​​of all fabrics / textiles. Its price range varies according to the fabric from which it is made. The most commonly used fabric is wool. For warmer weather is also used linen, other fabrics are cashmere, silk and silk blended with wool. Although synthetic materials are inexpensive, they are not recommended for making costumes.
• If you decide to buy a ready suit instead of shit measure note that the adjustments that most stores offer are not recommended and are sometimes impossible, because in case, for example jacket is losing the original proportions of the garment and it will not stand so well, even corrected. Such adjustments are acceptable only when changing the length of the sleeves or pants, as well as relaxation or contraction of the waist, but only a few centimeters. If you have waistline shrink or relax with more than 4 cm., Better buy trousers and jacket in different sizes.The problem is that most companies do not offer this option.
• If you have long arms and legs and a short torso, and buy a jacket, the length of the arms, it will be too long for your body. It is advisable in such cases to buy a jacket that fits your torso and then extend their sleeves.
• Sometimes all amendments clothing costs more than Sewing and there is no guarantee that it will look good. This is one reason why many men think that costumes are not for them. So I recommend when buying a suit to navigate to dimensional pictures, embroidered on the measure. This will ensure a quality garment, suitable for any occasion, which will look even more elegant and stylish.