How to Choose the Right Reel for Your Fishing

Use the right equipment will determine the success of your catch of the weekend, after all, the long-awaited moment throughout the week have to be pleasurable and not a sea of problems. The reel is an important part of your equipment and need to be careful at the time of purchase. But how to choose the right reel for your fishing? Check out some tips to settle on the purchase.

Low profile reel x Reel of high profile

The reels are divided into two groups: low profile and high profile. The main difference between them is that the reel of high profile has a larger brakes than the reel of low profile, making it easier to fight with the fish. In addition, the reel of high profile involves more than the line of low profile. With the weight, the low profile ends up being lighter, which makes it more practical, however this lightness makes it more fragile equipment.

The important thing when choosing between the two is thinking about the type of fish you want to fish: If small, prefer the low profile, for the large-sized, prefer the high profile. With that in mind, you can decide whether the right choice for you is a low profile reel or high profile.

Invest in a good brand

To settle in the choice of reel also, invest in a good brand and who have positive ratings from users. Not always the best reel is the most expensive, but keep in mind that paying a little more can ensure higher quality. The reels Magna are a great bet since you have affordability and durability.

Attention to the structure

Has enough attention to the structure of the reel, since low profile models are usually made of graphite, which guarantees more lightness. With time the material could harm the fishing, therefore misaligning of the reel gears and making it necessary to Exchange. So, prefer reels with metal structure, such as aluminum, for example, because although more expensive, the play will last longer.

The reel 200 Caster is a great example of good structure, since it is all made in aluminium, as well as the reel Pacifica 400 or the Corvalus 400 .

Collection ratio

Another important point that should be noted at the time of purchase is the gathering reel , which is the number of turns the reel on curfew. The low profile reels have a payment greater than the high-profile reels, which makes them faster and excellent for surface lures. However, the faster the recoil of the reel, the lower traction provided. So if you need more traction, invest in reels with less recoil.

If you want a reel with more traction, bet on the model Black Max 30 that has 4.3 gathering relationship: 1. Already if you want faster, bet on the model Breeze GTO, which has 7.3 gathering relationship:1.

Analyzing the characteristics of each model and bearing in mind the type of fish you want to catch, it’s easy to know how to choose the reel for your fishing. Cite what is your favorite in the comments, spool and swap ideas with other fishing enthusiasts!